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UK businesses cannot continue risking reputation with shoddy security, says Espria

Sophos’ 2024 Threat Report recently highlighted ransomware as the biggest existential cyber threat to small businesses. While cyberattacks on large companies and government agencies may receive more news coverage, Sophos reported that SMB’s are generally more vulnerable to cybercriminals and suffer more proportionally from the results of a breach.

Peace of mind: Cloud is key in scaling systems to your business needs

Meeting the demands of the modern-day SMB is one of the challenges facing many business leaders and IT operators today. Traditional, office-based infrastructure was fine up until the point where greater capacity was needed than those servers could deliver, vendor support became an issue, or the needs of a hybrid workforce weren’t being met. In the highly competitive SMB space, maintaining and investing in a robust and efficient IT infrastructure can be one of the ways to stay ahead of competitors.

UK SMEs should prioritise creating disaster recovery plans for cloud data to ensure business continuity and prevent data loss amid rising cyber-attacks

Cybercrime is a significant issue for businesses of all sizes in the UK. Although we usually hear more about cybersecurity incidents impacting large businesses, smaller businesses are also a target

Security concerns, compliance issues, and the power of AI are top priorities for SMBs, according to Espria

Espria, a leading provider of digital workspace solutions, recently hosted the second webinar in their Optimise 2024 series. The webinar covered achieving peace of mind with IT and featured discussions with some of their key solutions partners, Xerox and Mimecast.

Don’t let your company down! C-Suite executives cannot afford to be the weakest security link, say Espria 

In 2023, we saw significant advancements in cybersecurity. Whilst the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict opened the doors to cyber-attacks across many industries, it also revealed more about cybercriminals, and in particular, their organisational structures.

Ticking ESG boxes; cloud storage and IT services are the key to compliance, says Espria

With global commitments such as Net Zero becoming more of a priority in the next decade, business leaders must address whether their organisations can tick all the necessary ESG boxes in terms of their IT.

Copilot – a game changer

Enter Microsoft 365 Copilot, a game-changing tool that can turn your ideas into a powerful productivity tool.

As device demand surges following post-Covid refresh delays, demand for Refurbished IT technologies is also on the rise.

The trend of purchasing refurbished IT equipment is on the rise among MSPs. A significant majority of 84% have admitted to buying refurbished technology in the past, while about 30% are currently making such purchases.

Outsource your managed services ready for the year ahead

As SMEs prepare for business readiness, tying up operational loose ends can be difficult. With the rise of AI and automation, a safe and accessible IT network is more important than ever before.

Collaboration, Culture and Achievements

As we close the door on 2023, Espria reflects on the successes of the year and the significant milestones achieved.

Keep business ready as UK faces ISDN switch off

UK businesses are urged to get prepared in advance and monitor where and how their systems could be affected.

Keep your business agile with secure data protection

The modern business model is one of agility. In the past few years, we have seen a growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) discarding traditional, hierarchical ‘top down’ infrastructures and creating flatter and more flexible structures.

As remote work becomes more established, worries regarding privacy and security take centre stage

The future of work is amorphic; companies must adapt their cyber security policies faster than WFH policies or risk cyberattacks.

Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and GenAI revolutionise SME operations

In the past year alone, industry has seen rapid and revolutionary transformations due to advancements in automation. Organisations have been able to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks such data manipulation, migration, entry and analysis, and also those spent remediating human error, saving their resources for more critical tasks.

Why Human Behaviour is both a Cyber Threat and a Cyber Defence

The digital divide in cyber security is human. When we fail to acknowledge the reality of human behaviour, how people typically work, day to day, we risk undermining the progress of cybersecurity technologies and email is often the Achilles’ heel.

Ben Lymn – 2023 American Cup Car British Championships

Espria sponsors Ben Lymn, Espria Field Engineer Team Leader, in the American Cup Car British Championships. Below are reports from his most recent races.

Technology is a powerful tool for mitigating increasing business costs

Dave Adamson, CTO of Espria, discusses how technology can mitigate increasing business costs without sacrificing business efficiency.

State of Ransomware 2023

Read the thoughts of Jon Hope, Senior Technology Evangelist at Sophos, as we near the release of the 2023 Sophos State of Ransomware Report.

Espria continues in-house refresh with sustainable, BSI-certified refurbished option

Espria urges businesses to reduce e-waste and water consumption and avoid carbon emissions by using refurbished devices.

Is your struggle to keep up with your customers’ service expectations damaging your business

According to Dave Adamson, CTO at Espria, the modern contact centre is the driving force behind customer experience, not PR and Marketing.

Five green flags you need to see in your ideal IT partner

Rachel Thorne, Director of Operational Excellence at Espria, gives five key questions every business should ask to ensure they have the right IT partner for their needs.

Espria implores business leaders to review cyber insurance

Espria has issued a warning to all business leaders in the UK that now is the time to review the small print of any corporate insurance contracts.

Espria Wins EnableX Pragma Award

Espria has won Fastest Growing Pragma Partner at the 2023 EnableX Partner Awards in the £10m+ category

Espria Partners with Cloud Solutions Provider Five9

Espria has announced a new strategic alliance with Five9, a leading provider of intelligent cloud contact centre solutions.

The Importance of a Sustainable IT Business Model 

As ESG becomes a critical driver for many decision-makers, Clinton Groome, Espria COO, reveals why adopting sustainable business practices is an opportunity.

Businesses need to nurture their IT talent 

Irrespective of the broader economy the fight for IT talent remains and it starts with the companies’ senior managers.

Five key trends for MSPs in 2023

What are the key trends that will affect the managed services sector in 2023? Read the thoughts of Dave Adamson, CTO at Espria, on what the five core trends facing MSPs over the next twelve months will be.

Take a zero-tolerance approach to Cyber Hygiene

Although rapid deployment of remote working infrastructure, tools and software may have succeeded in supporting staff working from home during the pandemic, many organisations have suddenly been hit with the harsh reality that they actually failed to create a ‘cyber safe’ environment.

The clock is ticking – how ready is your business for the ISDN & PSTN switch-off?

All PSTN and ISDN networks will be closed by 2025, transitioning all UK businesses to all-VoIP networks to mitigate the rising costs of maintaining legacy equipment.

Now is the time for offices and remote workers to wake up to secure printing

How often do you print a document and then become distracted, leaving it in the printer? Can these documents be intercepted maliciously or accidentally?

The ‘New Cold War’ continues to mark urgency for organisations to bolster cyber-resilience

Dave Adamson, Chief Technology Officer at Espria encourages businesses to re-claim authority over their networks, thereby enhancing cyber-resilience in the wake of current geopolitical conflicts.

The ‘always-on’ enterprise now needs to mitigate the risk of power outages

As we face a major energy crisis this winter, organisations need to turn to MSPs to manage their computing environments.

Espria holds refreshed Optimise IT event at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Espria will be holding a new look Optimise IT event at the world-renowned Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 30th of November 2022.

Going ‘Passwordless’ is not straightforward

Going 'Passwordless' in your business is not a simple process, so what do you need in order to move to a simpler, more secure system?

Building up the local community through the sponsorship of a local football club

Expanding on our commitment to the local community, Espria are now proud sponsors of Ware FC Under 7s football team.

New managed IT, comms and document management provider launched

Espria brings together Mode Solutions and eacs to deliver a fully integrated managed services offering.

Digital Workplace Solutions Framework – Simple, Reliability Guaranteed and Potential for Huge Cost Savings

Espria is proud to be an accredited supplier to Shared Business Services Digital Workplace Solutions Framework. Espria has a rich history of providing innovative technology solutions to public sector agencies and departments that have returned real-time financial and efficiency savings.

Dispelling Myths about Remanufactured Laptops

IT is having to maintain a more diverse fleet of laptops in the wake of scarcity and rising costs in computing equipment than ever before. Delays in availability of new hardware is starting to have an effect on operational effectiveness and is becoming a headache for both IT and Line Managers alike. But it doesn't need to be.

What is the right penetration test for your organisation?

Picking the right penetration test for your business can be difficult. Penetration testing involves analysing an organisation's IT infrastructure and applications for security vulnerabilities, all performed by a third-party expert.

Put your defences to the test with Continuous Security Validation

Continuous Security Validation test your internal and external defences against the latest threats and can be customised to your exact needs, making it simple to measure and track your security posture across the business and even 3rd parties.

Is UK Broadband Ready For Hybrid Working?

In our post-pandemic world, lockdowns may have eased off but working from home – whether hybrid or fully remote – is here to stay. Does the UK have the internet infrastructure to support this shift? We investigated connectivity across the nation...

Look to the Future with Digital Transformation

A buzz phrase that has been used increasingly is digital transformation, but what is it and why could it be crucial to your business’ future success?

Time is running out for the ISDN Switch Off

Time is running out with declining services and support, why leave the changeover to 2025?

Cyber Hygiene: Stopping the Spread of Covid Cyber Crime

Covid-19 led to a weakening of defences for many organisations that still haven't recovered. Have you?

Don’t use your printer? See what else it can do to support your mobile workforce

You may think you no longer need your printer, but I bet you didn't know what it could do.

6 Reasons why your business needs to change to a VoIP phone System

VoIP is the obvious choice for businesses embracing digital transformation and our 6 reasons are the most compelling.

5 Reasons why the best security for your business is in the Cloud

Security has always been a concern for businesses implementing the cloud. However, the Cloud offers the best security for any size of company and these are our 5 reasons why.

10 Reasons Why your Business needs Cloud Services

Agility, flexibility and ultimate security are the key reasons why Cloud Services should be implemented in your business.

The Evolution of the MFD

The multifunctional device printer has evolved incredibly over the years. However, the perception of the MFD as just a printer, copier and scanner is changing as it supports the workflows of todays business operations.

The Collaborative Benefits of Unified Communications and VoIP for Operational Success

Businesses are harnessing the operational power of combining VoIP and Unified Communications providing high productivity in today’s evolving workforce.

Unified Communications Explained

Technology constantly evolves, but Unified Communications can support all your teams, wherever they work. Still not sure what it is? We explain what Unified Communications means for your team.

ISDN Switch Off – The steps your business needs to take

It’s been widely reported that by 2025 BT will have switched off the outdated technology of ISDN fixed line networks in favour of an IP based model for voice communication. But do you really need to take action now?

9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Implement Cloud Services

Adoption of Cloud based services has accelerated in recent years as a result of the pandemic, the resulting demand of employees to work flexibility, and the need for businesses to be able to operate efficiently and securely.

Rising Inflation & Energy Pricing – The Next Critical Stage of Crisis Leadership – Author, Alex Tupman CEO

Just as government restrictions fully lifted, war in Ukraine loomed, leaving businesses worldwide to brace for the impact from associated inflation, energy price rises and continued supply chain disruption.

Why You Need Secure Printing in a Post Pandemic World

Securing your print environment essentially needs to be included in a wider cyber-security plan to protect your business as a whole, however ensuring your printer is secure is often ignored or forgotten as businesses disregard printers as an actual threat to their Cyber Security.

Celebrating women in IT – International Women’s Day 2022

Cloud Services: Making your work flow and keeping your business secure in a new world of work

Since the pandemic, with the re-opening of offices and amenities, there has been a definitive shift with how people work.

ISDN Switch Off – 6 Key Things You Need To Focus On

2025 may still be 3 Years away, but the ISDN Switch Off is affecting business operations now. We have 6 key things you need to focus on now in preparation.

DaaS: Security for your IT, Printing, Communications and Document Management

IT infiltrates every operational aspect of our businesses; how can you ensure that your teams are printing securely, communicating securely and that ultimately your IT infrastructure is secure from attack and disaster?

Is leasing necessary? DaaS provides all your IT, Print & Communications your Business needs, so can leasing help?

How can your business stay current and operationally fluid by leasing DaaS Services for your printing, telecommunications, and IT Services?


How your IT needs to operate for your business


City Hire

City Hire is an independent tool and plant hire company supplying the construction industry since 1989. With a focus on high-quality equipment, reliable service and industry-leading technology,

IT Services

Vercity – Ensuring Business Continuity & Security into the Future

Vercity provides a range of financial management & consultancy services, and they required an IT vendor to provide industry insights and help keep their data secure.

IT Services

Team17 – Using Power BI to Improve Reporting & Business Decision Making

A multi-award-winning video game development company got in touch with Espria to discuss improving their reporting and utilisation of their data.

IT Services

The Development Bank of Wales – Managing a Laptop Refresh Project

The Development Bank of Wales is a public sector finance company employing almost 300 people based in Wales. Espria were engaged to manage a laptop refresh project.

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