Multifunctional Devices


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Multifunctional Devices

Espria is a multi-branded managed print provider, which means that ultimately, our clients benefit from our recommendations that reflect their needs.


MFD’s incorporate scanning, copying and printing as a minimum, into a single device, which also allows for you to scan to email. Typically, these MFD’s allow you to print at faster speeds as well as incorporating high levels of security by only releasing the print job at the time the team member releases the print.


In recent years, MFD’s have been made more compact which has minimised their footprint. Large, freestanding units that require several types of paper (typically A4 and A3 as a minimum), however they also come as small desktop units that can scan and print. These are suitable for companies that have small print requirements and small offices – typically start- ups. MFDs are also sometimes known as Multifunctional Printers and abbreviated to MFPs – there is no difference between the two, and the names are completely interchangeable.


Whatever your requirements, let Espria help with reviewing your options and suggesting a solution that works for you.


Explore the Benefits of Multifunctional Devices

High security with the ability to implement “Follow me printing”.

High Speed printing

Reduce costs

Lower space requirement

Multiple functional capacity that means you need one machine rather than 4.

Extensive Functional Capability

Print directly from USB's, or other file sources. No need to boot up a computer for a quick print job

Collating, finishing functions

CD/DVD labelling

Different paper formats, and high-resolution printing for marketing materials


Multifunctional Devices

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