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Reduce upfront costs and simplify your digital infrastructure with our bespoke Managed Device solutions.

Unlock potential for your organisation

We are now in the era of the ‘digital nomad’. The move towards flexible working patterns and hybrid working models has led to increased challenges for organisations. Inflexible service provisions, outdated legacy systems and limited budgets, alongside the changing expectations of business and staff members, have also led to ongoing complexities around procuring, managing and maintaining devices within your network.

At Espria, we create bespoke managed device solutions to protect your business endpoints, maintain your devices and support the product lifecycle of your devices to ensure your business remains agile and ahead of the curve, delivering value for clients, customers and partners.

What is a managed device?

A managed device is a device  controlled and monitored by a central authority, such as an IT administrator or service provider. It can include computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, routers and other devices that are connected to a network.

Covering both hardware and software, investing in managed device as a service can provide a multitude of benefits for your organisation, such as advanced security, the opportunity to scale your operations and reduced upfront costs. Managed device services can include asset tracking and device backups allowing your devices to be configured remotely, updated, backed up, wiped, or locked in the case of theft or loss.

Our Managed Device Services

Manage devices remotely

Our Espria Managed Device as a Service is built around Microsoft Intune, through which, using your existing setup can securely manage your staff devices and remediate issues remotely. This will help you minimise time spent resolving device related issues and utilise valuable ‘recovered’ time to focus on driving business strategy forward.

By utilising Microsoft Intune, businesses are also able to start to control device and application use, limit the movement of data and enable things such as remote device wipes, all while ensuring staff can continue to work with minimal interruption.

Predictable costs

Replacing outdated devices and ageing digital infrastructure can be expensive and time consuming, resulting in escalating or unforeseen costs. Unlike leasing hardware, a Managed Device as a Service works similarly to a regular subscription service, allowing you to budget accordingly.

At Espria, you will only need to pay for the services you use, enabling you to move from a capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model, reducing your overall IT spend and allowing for predictable costs across your services.


Our Device as a Service solutions include:


  • the installation costs of new hardware, including hardware refresh
  • new software
  • ongoing repairs
  • maintenance costs.


We can even dispose of your managed service devices and look at any additional services you may require.

Proactive monitoring and support

Waiting to get hold of your provider to fix your IT problems can result in a potential downtime in productivity. Managed Device as a Service from Espria will ensure you won’t have to wait for IT support; instead, our proactive monitoring allows us to work behind the scenes to resolve issues before they arise, simplifying your digital infrastructure with an intuitive IT environment.

Our service desk is also on hand to help you meet your strategic objectives and to troubleshoot any issues in real-time, with monthly service reviews and reporting, as well as service improvement plans as required.

Advanced data and analytics

Our Managed Device as a Service solutions simplify the lifecycle management of your devices, including those on OS environments, such as configuration, deployment and renewal.

Your data shouldn’t be used solely to report on and troubleshoot issues – it can give you valuable insights into your performance and unlock fresh potential. Our advanced data and analytics solutions will help identify threats before they arise, unlock opportunities to reduce ongoing costs and transform your service delivery.

Maintain compliance

Our Managed Device team will proactively contact your staff when a device becomes non-compliant, or an antivirus alert is received, allowing our team to investigate the issue and resolve it quickly, so that your business remains compliant and your confidential data is secured.


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