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| By Anwen Haynes

Don’t use your printer? See what else it can do to support your mobile workforce

In Short

You may think you no longer need your printer, but I bet you didn’t know what it could do.

It’s time to stop thinking about printers as standalone, task-specific machines. Many customers we speak with often say to us “We no longer use our printer”.


However, when we begin to discuss with them some of the complications that are severely hindering their operational success, they do not realise that many of these can be solved by your everyday printer, if you just know how to access its full capability.


Today’s workforce is mobile and always connected. Xerox® AltaLink® and VersaLink® digital workplace assistants, built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, help businesses discover new ways to create the most efficient and productive workplace.

5 Ways your printer helps your mobile workforce

Mobile & Cloud Ready

Your connected workforce — whether at home, on the road or in the office — relies on a variety of devices to send, share or retrieve documents and information and Xerox offers the flexibility to support these remote workers wherever they are.

Comprehensive Security

Security is a top priority for every business and Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology’s holistic approach protects printers, data and documents.

Automate Time Consuming Tasks

1-Touch Apps take time-saving convenience to the next level. Create and save shortcuts for frequently used workflows.

Leading Sustainability

The design of Xerox products and solutions embrace environmental priorities – it’s better for the environment, businesses and users.

Personalised & Intuitive Touchscreen

A true tablet-like experience that’s easy, app-driven and task-specific.  Allows everyone to personalise with their favourite apps, settings and frequent workflows, all from a single login.

New Printer technology adds mobile and cloud capabilities to your multifunction printer, making it easier for your team to work on the go and from anywhere. The technology allows users to convert hard-copy records into easily accessible cloud-based electronic documents; use their smartphone as a mobile scanner, turning real-life documents or images into digital files stored on the cloud; and locate and print documents on demand and securely from any ConnectKey Technology printer.

By bridging the divide between the physical and digital worlds, you and your team will get more done, more quickly.

Discover how your printer can help your business operations, more than you realise. Contact Espria for more information.

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