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DaaS: Security for your IT, Printing, Communications and Document Management

DaaS: Security for your IT, Printing, Communications and Document Management

In Short

IT infiltrates every operational aspect of our businesses; how can you ensure that your teams are printing securely, communicating securely and that ultimately your IT infrastructure is secure from attack and disaster?


IT infiltrates every operational aspect of our businesses; not only our computers, but all our printers, telecommunications and any document management systems are linked by IT services. This can cause massive security complications as it allows hackers multiple entry points to obtaining our data. Businesses need to be prepared to protect themselves against data breaches and DDoS attacks.


As technology has advanced throughout covid to create the flexibility needed for remote working, so security gaps have become apparent. However, DaaS (Device as a Service) is a way that you can provide the flexibility your teams need but ultimately offering secure printing, secure communications and secure IT systems. In addition, with a DaaS provider you will receive 24/7 support, so you are assured of technical backup the whole time.


Email Security

6 ways DaaS keeps you secure


  1. Data Centres

Your business holds so much data, but do any of your teams really think carefully about how it is handled and stored?


DaaS providers support your capacity issues by providing you with storage that is highly secure, not only in a physical sense, but with virtual resistance too to prevent any loss of data by any acts of God, human error, or hacking.


  1. Data Back Up

Even if you have multilayers of protection, there is still a chance that you may lose your data from a virus or cyber breach. However, DaaS backs your data up regularly in the cloud, so if any loss is incurred, you’ll have your backup restored safely and quickly.


  1. DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service

There are many situations that can occur that cause a loss of our data – floods and storms for example, where the endpoint of our data can be compromised or damaged. DRaaS can securely and robustly replicate your data to multiple data centres, meaning if your business and other data centres are impacted by disaster, your data is still secure in another location, and you can continue to operate seamlessly and uninterrupted.


  1. Multi-Layer Security

All our printers, desktops, laptops are vulnerable to cyber threats. You may think your business is not big enough to be impacted, but that’s where cyber criminals rely on our apathy toward security and your business is the kind they will attack.


Whilst you may see in the Press large national companies being attacked, your business is the type that criminals will think are easy to infiltrate, so DaaS will protect you with multiple layers of protections such as OS Patching, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus management, data encryption, DDoS protection and ransomware best practises.


  1. Control Access

Control access can be implemented on all your devices. Secure your printer with “Follow Me Printing” meaning that the author of the document has to be at the printer to release the print job. Consider 2-Factor Authentication for your laptops; wherever there is a device connected by your IT, DaaS Can implement security to prevent others gaining access.


  1. 24/7 Support

Day and night, 24/7, your devices, systems and networks are all monitored and supported, so you are safe in the knowledge that someone always has eyes on your data security.


Espria are experts at DaaS and we provide your business  flexibility to scale and adjust what you need when you need it.


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