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Anwen Haynes

5 Reasons why the best security for your business is in the Cloud

5 Reasons why the best security for your business is in the Cloud

In Short

Security has always been a concern for businesses implementing the cloud. However, the Cloud offers the best security for any size of company and these are our 5 reasons why.

The Cloud has propelled digital transformation for all businesses meaning, regardless of size, you are able to benefit from the productivity, agility and flexibility that the cloud can offer.


On premise capability has long been considered the most secure option; you hold data in your own hardware, on site, however, with ever-increasing capabilities from cyber criminals, this is becoming a redundant facility, with a lack of disaster recovery and up to date security if it is not properly maintained by IT specialists.


Scepticism around security in the cloud though is now being squashed as understanding of the mechanics of the cloud is more greatly understood. The cloud offers more unique security capabilities, with greater management, encryption and access. However, many companies remain unconvinced that the cloud is as secure as their on-premise counterparts.

Cloud over the city

Our top 5 reasons why your business is more secure in the Cloud:


  1. Security Management

Cloud Services provide stronger identity controls access. By using a cloud services provider, you have full access to superior authentication and access control systems.  Gartner predicts that 60% fewer security incidents will occur than those in data centres.


  1. Data Encryption

Cloud based security combined within robust data encryption has meant a significant reduction in the possibility of a data breech because of the layered approach that consists of security intelligence, secure access controls and key management. Companies can choose what users have access to their cloud products.

The AVERAGE cost of a security breach is $3.92 million

70% of consumers indicated that they would avoid a business that had suffered a security breach.


  1. Physical Access

Unlike other environments, Cloud Service Providers have incredibly high standards for enforcing physical access to data. Anonymity, encryption and replication are all used to protect your data.

By 2025 it is predicted that 80% of enterprises will have shut physical data centres in favour of cloud offerings.


  1. Higher Standards

Higher standards of security are implemented when using the cloud than in-house IT teams or managed systems could possibly achieve. Cloud Service Providers provide the most secure environment for your data.

It is envisaged that by 2025 99% of failure in cloud security will be as a result of user error and not failure in the cloud environment.


  1. Patch Management & Vulnerability

Cloud Service Providers are vigilant about detecting all vulnerabilities and implementing patch management through a combination of manual and automated penetration testing, software security and external audits. They use ethical hackers to test and penetrate your systems to find the vulnerabilities and fix them.


All businesses are different and needs and growth plans vary. However, one thing that all have in common is the benefit they can gain from Cloud Security. It not only reduces the complexity of their own security solutions but also supports improving their risk posture.

All Cloud Service providers invest heavily in continuous data protection structure and the scalability of the cloud is the smartest and sound way to protect your business now and for the future.


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