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What is a Contact Centre/CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service)?

A contact centre, traditionally referred to as a call centre (but now with far more channels) is a centralised platform where a business’ customer interactions are managed. These interactions can take place through various communications channels, such as phone calls, emails, live chats, social media and messaging apps including SMS. And because an omnichannel contact centre can be hosted in the cloud, your agents can be based anywhere and still provide an optimised customer experience. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience through an improved journey

The primary purpose of a contact centre is to provide customers with a convenient and efficient way to interact with a business, address their concerns and receive support. A well-designed contact centre will improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue. Espria works with some of the leading contact centre providers to support the SMB and mid-market with bespoke CCaaS solutions, ensuring your customers get to the best qualified person and gain the right support quickly. 

Adding value to your business

The value of a business’ contact centre can be significant:  

Flexibility and Scalability

CCaaS easily adapts to changing business needs by accommodating fluctuations in call volumes, adding or removing agents as required, and supporting new communications channels


CCaaS means your business only pays for the features and services required, with the option to scale up or down

Improved Customer Experience

CCaaS provides a seamless, personalised customer experience by enabling agents to access customer information across various channels and respond quickly to inquiries, thus supporting customer retention and positive reviews or feedback

Enhanced Productivity

CCaaS solutions improve agent productivity by giving real-time data, analytics and automation of routine tasks, which enables them to handle multiple interactions simultaneously

Access to Advanced Features

CCaaS features such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition, enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency

Increased Security

CCaaS solutions provide enhanced security measures, such as encryption and secure data storage, to protect customer data and prevent security breaches

Enabling your customers with self-serving options frees up your agents to spend more time communicating with your customers agent reliant engagements. 


If you want to improve customer service and drive growth, talk to one of our Solutions Architects today about designing and building the right contact centre tool for your business. 

CRM Integrations

Whether its Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho or any other CRM, Contact Centre solutions can integrate giving your agents and your customers the best, personalised experience. 


The analytical tools available with CCaaS tools will allow you to gain valuable insights to improve operational efficiency, optimise team deployment and monitor your customer’s journey. 

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Case Studies


Declining ISDN service accelerates our insurance clients’ desire to transform their Communications

A leading supplier providing insurance to Motor Trade and Commercial Insurance for over 30 years, our client was concerned with their declining ISDN telecommunications.

The man with the telephone

Operational success for our hotelier clients with VoIP and Unified Communications

Lost calls, lack of internal communications, were hindering the operations of our multi-site hoteliers. VoIP and Unified Communications support the acceleration of performance and customer service.

Customer support

VoIP Implementation for our Law Practise Customer

Our Customer - a legal firm which is becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing legal practices, have built an innovative business model that has disrupted the staid and steady world of solicitors. However, with that, the desire to remain forward thinking and progressive in their practise, has meant that they needed to address the fundamental issues affecting their telecommunications.


Accelerating our Finance Asset clients growth with VoIP & Unified Communications

Our clients are asset finance experts, making vehicle and asset finance personal. With accelerated growth, the business continues to grow across multiple locations. However, until we worked with them, they were struggling to offer the customer service desired and work productively in line with their growth.

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