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Anwen Haynes

6 Reasons why your business needs to change to a VoIP phone System

6 Reasons why your business needs to change to a VoIP phone System

In Short

VoIP is the obvious choice for businesses embracing digital transformation and our 6 reasons are the most compelling.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunication system that allows voice communications, along with several other multimedia solutions, all to be conducted over the internet. As long as your internet strength and bandwidth are good, then VoIP is certainly the future in your business telecommunications.

We have listed 6 excellent reasons why you should change to VoIP without delay.


  1. BT ISDN Switch Off

Announced in 2015, we are now hurtling toward the conclusion of BT switching off all ISDN lines and leaving businesses without a choice but to consider cloud-based solutions, including VoIP.

Whilst the deadline is 2025, many areas are increasingly being added to the stop-sell list meaning that supplies, support and equipment for ISDN is in decline. So, if you are in one of the areas already on stop, moving to VoIP should be that imperative move for your business operations.


2. VoIP is an all-in-one system

With a multiple of capabilities, VoIP offers:

  • Calls
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, call transfer, return call#
  • Text
  • Access to voicemail via email
  • All team members using the same number
  • Flexible solutions for today’s flexible workforce


3. It can work on an existing system


Your current phone system will be easily adaptable to a new VoIP network as it very likely has digital capabilities. Even if you have a PBX system moving to VoIP will be incredibly easy, so there will need no need to invest in alternative infrastructure.

4. VoIP is easy to manage and maintain

Voice information and data are used on the same system with VoIP making it a more cohesive system that works seamlessly. VoIP allows users access to all communications needs including video conferencing, computer comms, telephone-based comms, all at the click of a button. As it’s also an agile solution it supports remote working, meaning you are appearing to be phoning from the office, regardless of your location. And as the VoIP network can adjust itself to assist the user better, this helps with desk moves making office changes so much easier. It also aids with reduction in IT issues, freeing up those teams to focus on what they do best.

5. Enhanced Network Management

Your IT teams will be able to manage every bit of data that travels across the WAN or LAN network. Issues are therefore easily located and fixed quickly which enhances the operational capability of a busy office. VoIP even helps you detect issues and make changes to the way your network is set up which means no longer will small problems become a bigger issue for you.

6. Cost Savings

Moving away from an old telephone-based system on to the internet supports your digital transformation. Your telecommunications bills will become cheaper and less resources are used daily to support any legacy systems.

With the ability to move to the cloud with VoIP, will also support a huge reduction to your overall IT costs.

VoIP is the gateway to a more flexible telecommunications solution that bridges the divide between on-premise and cloud.

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