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Is leasing necessary? DaaS provides all your IT, Print & Communications your Business needs, so can leasing help?

Is leasing necessary? DaaS provides all your IT, Print & Communications your Business needs, so can leasing help?

In Short

How can your business stay current and operationally fluid by leasing DaaS Services for your printing, telecommunications, and IT Services?

IT infiltrates all solutions and equipment you have in your business.  From photocopiers, your communications to your computers, IT is involved in every element to ensure that your teams are connected to your systems and can work fluidly, without interruption, safely and securely. This has become even more heightened post-pandemic with the shift in working procedures changing the way we work and how, for the future, our teams want to work.

In an ideal world, any business would purchase the hardware needed and have it implemented immediately. However, it is never as simple as that. Businesses need to plan expenditure, review costs from several suppliers and then consider the cost of maintaining those devices and whether they have the right support to ensure the uptime remains high.

Even after all that, when devices such as your photocopiers, PC’s or new phone system arrive, they must be installed, configured, and integrated into your existing networks. This can be an exceedingly lengthy process and you need the right internal capability to implement this. Often old data on legacy devices are not disposed of in the correct, legal manor because the focus is to implement the new and you just don’t have the expertise in the business to know what to do with any old data.

Leasing rather than purchasing?


Leasing your IT equipment really is an ideal solution for any business.


It essentially removes the burden from the business not only in terms of heavy upfront costs, but in terms of sourcing the right equipment, installing it, and ensuring the ongoing support needed.


If you purchase all of this, it becomes part of your fixed assets which depreciate over time, however with leasing, the assets remain the property of the service provider and you as the lessee only need to be concerned with the running costs.



Leasing provides transparency, not guesswork


Most companies can never know with certainty how much their workplace IT devices cost. In reality, do you know how much your printing costs? Also, beyond phone bills, are you able to truly ascertain what your telecommunications cost when you add in any servicing and cost of equipment?


By leasing your devices, you are assured of complete transparency as your service provider should clearly review and examine your needs pre-installation. You should then be assured of complete visibility of how much you are printing, who’s printing what and where, how your telecommunications are being used, as well as other reporting including who is available to take your customer calls, what calls have you missed. All these benefits are exceedingly valuable now we are all working in a world now where your teams can be working anywhere.



Give your teams the satisfaction they need, not frustration


When working with a Managed Service provider, your teams can be included in the appraisal of the type of IT devices you need in your business. When they are involved in the process they will feel their contribution is valuable to the business and their satisfaction that needs have been met will increase their loyalty to your business.



Flexibility without constraints


A DaaS lease creates so much flexibility for your business. Not only do you acquire the devices and systems you need with full support from us, you also have options to scale up and scale down should you need to. Additionally, other service providers may also provide a portal to co-ordinate your devices for their specific product which we can integrate with to provide an enhanced overview of your services.  This really is unique to Espria because of the nature of how we support your business and work with the associated 3rd-party solution providers.  We can support any member of your team regardless of their job and connection, either through your own network or remote in the field.



Responsible dispersal of your equipment


Leasing also allows the responsibility of your outdated devices to be left to your service provider. This is often an oversight for many businesses and is a legal requirement; therefore, any disposal will be completed by your provider.


Whether you are leasing your photocopiers, computers and servers , your telecommunications or all three, essentially every device you have is linked to IT.  As a result, leasing is a flexible and fundamentally secure way of keeping your business operationally fluid.


Espria specialises in finding the right solution and devices for your business regardless of your size, regardless of what you need and regardless of the flexibility you need.


As a composite provider of all managed IT services, we have experts in all fields that can accommodate your needs, so if you are thinking of leasing, consider speaking with us and obtain a free appraisal of the systems and devices you need.


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