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Unified Communications


Enhancing Business Communications

Our Unified Communications Solutions improve efficiency, reduce time wasting and make cost savings. 


Our Unified Communications systems and services make things simple. By combining multiple tools: desktop phone, smartphone, computer and/or tablet, you can simplify the way your teams function, providing a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and communication channels. This way, users can communicate and collaborate more efficiently.  


Unified Communications Solutions can be delivered through a variety of deployment models, including on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. This approach is proven to enhance productivity and increase efficiency, wherever your employees are based. The result is a new sense of empowerment in the modern hybrid workspace.


Improve your business processes and increase productivity wherever you are located, enable your employees to communicate from anywhere, on any device, and via any communication channel with one easy-to-use interface to enhance the performance of your business, inside and out.


Whether on-premise or cloud, Espria provides solutions to help your teams collaborate, communicate and be more effective, from anywhere: 

Our solutions use the latest digital VoIP technology and with the additional benefit of call recording and analytics to inform and enhance your business, we can ensure you have a service that meets your needs, now and into the future. 


Our solutions will deliver enhanced security, greater control of your data and software and improve the quality of your real time communications. 


Cloud based comms are easily scaled up or down based on demand and do not require a significant upfront investment in hardware or software. 

Unified Communications as a Service

You may have heard the phrase Unified Communications as a Service – or UCaaS for short. This is a combination of two elements of unified communications. First, the integration of a wide variety of communications technologies into one package. Second, the ongoing delivery of this package as a service.


The service element is critical to keeping your Unified Communications system in tip-top working order. By working with Espria, you can be sure you’ll be up to date with the latest software and firmware, and we’ll also ensure your full suite of hardware is in excellent condition and in line with industry best practices.


In short, Unified Communications as a Service is about pairing a comprehensive tech package with a service to ensure its effective functioning well into the future. This way, your team is empowered to securely work from anywhere – with maximum efficiency and the utmost peace of mind.

Benefits of Unified Communications

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As a vendor agnostic supplier, and with the imminent switch off of PSTN/ISDN, whether your preference is for onpremise, cloud or integrating Teams, our experts will configure a solution suitable for your business that can extend to contact centre solutions as required. 

In addition to your business phone system, Espria provides flexible mobile solutions including Voice and Data SIMS from all the major network suppliers. 


What is a Unified Communication system?

A Unified Communication System integrates different communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, and data sharing, into a single solution. It enables seamless and efficient communication and collaboration across devices and channels.

What are the benefits of Unified Communications?

Unified Communications offer advantages like enhanced productivity, cost savings through consolidation of services, improved collaboration with real-time communication and document sharing, better customer experience through seamless interactions, and increased flexibility and mobility for users.

How do Unified Communications contribute to collaboration?

Unified Communications facilitate collaboration by providing real-time communication tools like instant messaging, voice calls and video conferencing. They also let users share and co-author documents, see whether their colleagues are active and what they are working on, as well as work across multiple collaboration tools, streamlining workflows and enhancing teamwork.

What are Unified Communications examples?

Examples of Unified Communications include desk phones, softphones compatible with laptops or tablets, mobile apps for Android or iOS, video conferencing and instant messaging. Crucially, Unified Communications brings these functions together into one unified channel, enabling superior agility and collaboration.


Why Use This Service

The Benefits of Gamma Mobiles

Enriched Voice

Using 4G, 5G and WiFi, enjoy the benefits of enhanced, clear voice communication.

Widespread Coverage

Gain coverage to the network, regardless of your location with 99% coverage outdoors and indoors.

Access to 5G Network

5G access for faster data, lower latency, and greater device density

Flexibility and Freedom

Gamma Mobile lets you access everything you need to keep working no matter where you are.

Keep Secure

By implementing a private APN your company can control and manage their mobile data in the same way as you can with your fixed data. This results in a more secure infrastructure and improved productivity.

The Service you need from a Business Mobile

Tariffs as flexible as your business

  • Unlimited UK 01, 02, 03, 07 Calls and SMS. Perfect for customers looking for a fixed, predictable monthly cost.

  • PAYU Voice.  For customers looking for flexibility and convenience. Perfect for those with low usage.

  • Data Only plans designed for tablets
  • Fixed access Fast Start and backup. Designed to enable fast deployment of fixed access services and backup

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Case Studies


City Hire

City Hire is an independent tool and plant hire company supplying the construction industry since 1989. With a focus on high-quality equipment, reliable service and industry-leading technology,

Four fists clenched together over the desk

Declining ISDN service accelerates our insurance clients’ desire to transform their Communications

A leading supplier providing insurance to Motor Trade and Commercial Insurance for over 30 years, our client was concerned with their declining ISDN telecommunications.

The man with the telephone

Operational success for our hotelier clients with VoIP and Unified Communications

Lost calls, lack of internal communications, were hindering the operations of our multi-site hoteliers. VoIP and Unified Communications support the acceleration of performance and customer service.

Customer support

VoIP Implementation for our Law Practise Customer

Our Customer - a legal firm which is becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing legal practices, have built an innovative business model that has disrupted the staid and steady world of solicitors. However, with that, the desire to remain forward thinking and progressive in their practise, has meant that they needed to address the fundamental issues affecting their telecommunications.

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