An Essential Tool for Digital Workflow

Document Management allows you to easily store, access and control documents, making them simpler to manage, share and more secure.  


With the wide variety of modern workplace environments, a scalable, flexible and secure Document Management system will enable your teams to work productively and enhance business performance, wherever they work.  


As vendor agnostic providers, Espria have various innovative Document Management solutions for business of all sizes and structure. An essential tool in the modern workplace, Document Management is becoming increasingly invaluable to teams in accounts payable, account management and creative industries. Investing in Document Management software, as part of your digital transformation will: 

  1. Streamline Your Workflow: can quickly and easily access the documents you need from any device. This will help you to streamline your workflow and save time.
  2. Improve Security: enhanced security measures such as encryption, access control, and audit trails ensure that confidential information is kept safe and secure.
  3. Improve sustainability: reduce the need for paper, ink and other office supplies saving money in the long run.
  4. Improve Collaboration: allows multiple users to access and edit documents simultaneously improving collaboration, agility and maximising efficiency.
  5. Improved Compliance: easily track and manage documents, ensuring you remain compliant with industry regulations.
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The Benefits of our Document Management

Espria Cloud

Digital Transformation

Revolutionise the way you store documents and data with paperless workflows and digitised document management with improved storage and retrieval of information. Additional features, such as automated document processing, digital signature, authorisation tools and secure storage for sensitive data, provide access control, advanced search capabilities and automated backups.

Espria has proven expertise in implementing Document Management solutions for business of all shapes and sizes. One common theme remains: start where the stress is highest, often Accounts Payable, and progress from there. Our experts have found accounts teams, being overwhelmed, processing invoices, and chasing approvals amongst them most labour intensive and time-consuming tasks. By automating these tasks, their time is liberated and errors eradicated.


Case Studies

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Document Solutions

JJ Estates – Solving Document Solutions Issues for a Property Company

JJ Estates, a property management company in Essex were experiencing day-to-day document solutions issues caused by an aging self-managed printer which failed to print to the standards expected.

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Document Solutions

Creating efficiencies and cost benefits in our clients Managed Print Services

As fast growing global capital investment manager, our client needed to ensure that operationally they were seamless and that the security of their client data, a number one priority.

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Document Solutions

Secure Printing for our Accountancy Client

We visited a large City Accountancy firm in London, and they asked us for help with issues they were having in their printing environment. They had concerns regarding security particularly with document and printing.

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Document Solutions

Espria supports charity with their environmental vision

Espria was invited to review the print solutions of a community charitable social enterprise who delivers and helps other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. 


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How docuware can help your teams?


Reduce your waste and support the environment by simplifying your printing processes. Espria can support you in reviewing the environmental impact of your printing operations. We can draw up policies that give your teams clarity on how to reduce the carbon footprint of printing.


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