Framework arrangements are becoming more popular within the Public Sector as they represent a ‘smarter’ way of purchasing rather than placing ‘one-off’ orders.


As Public Sector resource diminishes, utilising a framework can save significant time and money, whilst still delivering a service specified to local requirements, and supporting local decision making and accountability. It will also help businesses build long term relationships between buyers and suppliers providing stronger long-term value and reduced overall procurement costs.


Purchasing through a framework provides the purchasing authority with the confidence that the solution and/or service being provided is of the requisite standard and will be delivered in line with industry best practice. Finally, purchasing through the appropriate framework will align the procurement process with government efficiency agendas and will meet the expectations of any legislative and public sector auditing bodies.


Espria is proud to be accredited suppliers on the following frameworks:

Crown Commercial Services Technology Services 3 Framework

Crown Commercial Services Technology Services 3 was launched on 16th June 2021 with the purpose of providing Public Sector organisations with an easy to access go to market and procurement framework. All public sector customers can buy technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • provision and management of IT service desk
  • end user device support
  • network support
  • asset disposal and application maintenance
  • IT infrastructure support (e.g. server and storage hardware)
Tech Services 3 will run for 4 years and is able to offer contracts for up to 7 years depending on the specific Framework Lot. Espria is able to provide a range of services in the following lots:
  • Lot 3a – Operational Service – End Users
  • Lot 3b: Operational Services – Technical Management

NHS Shared Business Services Digital Workspace Solutions Framework

NHS SBS Digital Workspace Solutions Framework was launched on 10th August with the purpose of enabling NHS and Public Sector organisations to realise and achieve the following:

  • implement new, more effective ways of working;
  • deliver greater real-time cost and efficiency savings of up to 30%;
  • exploit innovative technologies to enable you to benefit from advancement in consumer centricity, delivering service excellence.
Espria is proud to be one of the few businesses who were categorised to be suitable and able to meet the exacting standards and vigorous vetting procedure required to become an approved supplier. You can read more about the benefits of working with Espria to procure your technology requirements through Digital Workspace Solutions by clicking here. 

Espria is a supplier on G-Cloud, the UK Government procurement framework for public sector bodies. This framework eases procurement of services by UK public sector departments by ensuring that all suppliers have met the rigorous standards. Public sector organisations procuring from companies, who have successfully met the criteria set by the Crown Commercial Service, are in turn given that extra confidence.

Bramble Hub has been involved with government frameworks for over a decade as a Prime Supplier. That means Bramble Hub have been evaluated and vetted and that Bramble Hub abide by the pre-agreed terms and conditions set.


Bramble Hub work as a thin prime contractor, connecting public sector customers with top class specialist partner suppliers. Bramble Hub understand the processes and have advised both public sector organisations in the benefits of the frameworks and partner suppliers in the potential of this channel to market.

Bloom offers a dynamic supply chain providing the public sector with a marketplace to buy and manage services. Bloom ensure delivery of quality outcomes from our pre-approved and ever-growing network of suppliers and consultants. Our fully compliant open access marketplace is outcomes based meaning the public sector only pays for what is delivered.


Bloom provide an OJEU compliant managed procurement service covering specification development, supplier identification & onboarding, full contract management, and lessons learned upon successful delivery of outcomes.