Technology Solutions for the Public Sector

We provide a range of omnichannel technology solutions that help public service providers to: 


  • Effortlessly scale to meet the demands of the UK’s growing and aging population 
  • Provide flexibility to adapt to significant change, including ongoing government reform 
  • Deliver outstanding service within under-pressure budgets. 

Our Services

Developed to transform your existing infrastructure, our range of local government IT and public sector services are designed to transform the end-user experience and fully empower the digital workplace.  

Our Pledges

Effective Cyber Security

Promoting digital services whilst maintaining a secure and informed stance

Carbon Neutral by 2030

Helping you to meet the challenge of Greening Government

Giving Something Back

We promise to work with you to deliver Social Value together. Central to the Espria core values is our ESG Commitment

Easy to Buy

You can accelerate your journey to a digitally empowered workspace by engaging us via the following public sector procurement frameworks: 



Case Studies - Delivering Better Outcomes


What are cloud services?

Cloud services for the public sector bolster collaboration across various departments, such as legal and procurement by providing key data insights, removing traditional silos, automating traditional IT processes and allowing organisations to scale.  

How does cloud communication work?

Cloud communications work to allow public sector services to share software tools and applications across a shared network. All data is stored on physical servers hosted by a cloud provider, rather than on a hard drive, allowing users to access information at all times across a range of devices, supporting remote and hybrid working.