With colleagues working from different locations, it can be challenging to host, distribute and manage valuable documents, files and information seamlessly and securely.


Microsoft SharePoint Online allows you to share and manage content, knowledge and applications with ease; empowering teamwork with dynamic and customisable areas for every project team, department, and division. Collaborate effortlessly with team members inside and outside your organisation across PC, Mac, and mobile devices with peace of mind. 

Why use SharePoint Online?

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a mobile-friendly, user-friendly web-based application for Intranet (internal internet) and cloud document storage solutions. SharePoint Online makes communication and collaboration simple and effective without the need for on-premises storage. 

SharePoint Online is divided into three hubs: Newsfeed, OneDrive and Sites, all of which can be  optimised or configured for mobile devices. The flexible document storage in SharePoint Online supports easy filter, search and view options to ensure the individual needs of your staff are met. Additionally, SharePoint Online gives you a central intranet location to create and communicate visually appealing information across the business. 


SharePoint Online includes many great security features to guarantee data security, as well as, providing document version control, e.g. for meeting compliance policies. 

Benefits of SharePoint

Application Integration

SharePoint Online integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Outlook and Teams, improving efficiency and communication.

Improved Communication

As well as supporting document management and collaboration, SharePoint Online can serve as a company intranet to deliver announcements, updates and company information.

Advanced Security

SharePoint Online security features include document versioning control to help prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information and files.

Mobile Capabilities

Access SharePoint Online from anywhere with full mobile device capability, perfect for hybrid and remote workforces.

What is SharePoint Quickstart?

Following a number of years working with our clients to understand their initial SharePoint requirements, we have identified a common theme in their requirements: 

Espria has therefore developed SharePoint QuickStart to support this initial configuration. SharePoint Quickstart is designed to provide a foundation for businesses to quickly benefit from the core technologies and empower their team collaboration.  


Contact our team for a review of your current setup and requirements. 


The Power Platform is a set of services created by Microsoft designed to make better use of an organisation’s data so that it can be used to gain fresh insights and make intelligent, fact-based decisions quickly.

  • Power BI
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a multiplatform data service combining software, services and apps to help your business understand and use data in the ways that are most beneficial to you, in an easy-to-access way – via a desktop app, an online service or on mobile. 

Power Automate creates automated workflows between services to provide updates, synchronise documents and collect vital data. For example, Power Automate could be used to generate financial reports on a weekly or monthly basis, backup documents on shared drives or send alerts if thresholds are exceeded.

Power Apps are applications which can be accessed or embedded in a variety of locations and provide a user-friendly interface, helping employees easily access your business data, complete forms, raise requests and much more.

Power Virtual Agents are chatbots which can be placed on your website and automatically solve common customer queries. By providing an immediate response, Virtual Agents can increase customer satisfaction and reduce wait times while giving back valuable time for employees to focus on high-priority issues. 

News & Resources

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In 2023, we saw significant advancements in cybersecurity. Whilst the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict opened the doors to cyber-attacks across many industries, it also revealed more about cybercriminals, and in particular, their organisational structures.

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Copilot – a game changer

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it services

Case Studies

IT Services

Team17 – Using Power BI to Improve Reporting & Business Decision Making

A multi-award-winning video game development company got in touch with Espria to discuss improving their reporting and utilisation of their data.

IT Services

Allvotec – Solving High Priority Issues in Minutes

Allvotec have over 30 years’ of experience in delivering value through technology, but faced an issue surrounding an SQL admin skills gap. Allvotec drafted in Espria to fill in the role of answering their highest priority issues.

IT Services

SymVolli – App Development & Database Creation

As part of its growing capability, SymVolli created an Events Management solution for one of its customers. Espria was brought in to fix broken functionality and identify further areas of improvement.

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