Modern workplace

Modern Workplace

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Espria is a leading provider of modern workplace and digital transformation solutions to organisations looking to upgrade and streamline their IT infrastructure. We have existing partnerships with manufacturers and technology partners, but are vendor-agnostic, meaning our expertise is provided with absolutely no bias. Our priority is building solutions aligned to your business objectives – from efficiency to business continuity to ESG.

We have a proven track record; delivering strategic consulting, device selection and procurement, data migration and roll-out services for organisations of all sizes, including those covering multiple sites and even multiple continents. Our modern workplace services are supported by experienced in-house Project Managers and a UK-based service desk operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is modern workplace?

Modern Workplace is a digital-first approach to business operations, communication and collaboration, focused on maximising efficiency and meeting the needs of the modern workforce.

Digitalisation is the reality of the modern working world. However, this can lead to an oversaturation of solutions which in turn can create more problems than are solved. Consider also, many businesses now have hybrid or remote workforces; the need for streamlined technology has never been greater. Modern Workplace is a tailored digital transformation service that maximises your technology investment, mitigates cybersecurity risks and helps you remain agile amid continual cultural shifts.

Current state assessment

How do you know whether your existing investments in IT support modern workplace collaboration? Not knowing what is possible with your current systems and infrastructure can be a limiting factor when trying to deliver efficient IT for your organisation.


Whether your systems were implemented in-house or by a third party, Espria provides a comprehensive assessment service designed to uncover all aspects of your configuration and performance. Our current state assessments are available for Citrix, Microsoft, Cireson, NetApp and VMware technologies.

IT strategy consulting

IT leaders must create a strong strategy to enable IT to deliver tangible business benefits. Clear vision and plans also help to communicate goals to staff, promoting a focus on work that improves infrastructure, capabilities and the overall business. Espria provide thought leadership and advice on IT strategy as well as offering virtual CIO services, where we serve as your Chief Information Officer in a remote or virtual capacity. 

Drawing from our extensive knowledge of the informational technology landscape, we can develop a tailored approach and deliver informative, unbiased recommendations to enable you to reach your long-term objectives and embrace modern workplace readiness.  

Device selection and procurement

There comes a time when legacy hardware is no longer fit for purpose. But choosing the replacement isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are business continuity considerations and sustainability targets to be mindful of, compatibility with third-party applications to ensure and, of course, the question of accomplishing all of this on time and on budget.

The Espria in-house experts have demonstrable experience of helping organisations transition away from outdated or end-of-life hardware while minimising disruption, ensuring device selection is aligned to business objectives and making cost savings by unlocking efficiencies.

Desktop deployment and hardware rollout

The effects of introducing any new system to your business will be felt the most by your employees. If managed poorly, these effects could seep through to your customers and end users.

If you need to deliver a desktop migration and hardware roll-out across your business but lack the resources or in-house expertise to do this at scale, without compromising day-to-day operations, we can assist. We are experienced in rolling out desktop, laptops and terminals to user bases from single figures to thousands.

To mitigate risks to the process, we can undertake user environment design and testing, bulk device testing, delivery, commissioning and support and floor-walking services, as well as selecting and procuring the devices and assisting with data migration.

Data management and migration

Have you ever wondered what you might learn about your business if you had access to all your internal data at once? Effective data management has the power to unlock massive operational efficiencies, but many organisations lack the centralised systems to make this their reality.

Whether you’re deploying new IT infrastructure and need to sensitively manage the migration of data from old to new hardware or you want to capitalise on the potential that a 360-degree view of your organisation can bring, Espria has the right experience to transition your data management process into the modern era.

Case Studies

IT Services

Woodgreen – Securing critical infrastructure at a leading animal charity

Woodgreen, home of Channel 4’s ‘The Dog House’, turned to Espria to secure its extended operations using a Sophos solution

IT Services

Tendring District Council – Utilising Digital Transformation to provide quantifiable time savings

Tendring District Council has worked with Espria for their IT security since 2014. In 2020, we helped transition to cloud-based Sophos Central.

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Our dedicated modern workplace team helps you look over your options, and choose the right products for your organisation.

Call Espria on: 0330 175 5588 for further information on how we can drive efficiencies in your procurement process.

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Our dedicated modern workplace team helps you look over your options, and choose the right products for your organisation.

Call Espria on:  0330 175 5588  for further information on how we can drive efficiencies in your procurement process.