Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Rather than rely on a single public cloud, a hybrid cloud environment supports mixed computing including storage, and services in different environments—public and private clouds, including on-premises data centres and “edge” locations. Hybrid cloud solutions enable businesses to migrate and manage workloads between environments, providing versatile, bespoke setups. Many businesses adopt hybrid cloud platforms to reduce costs, minimise risk and extend their existing capabilities to support digital transformation.  


Hybrid cloud environments allow you to continue using on-premises services while optimising flexible options for storing and accessing data and applications offered by public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. 

A Hybrid Cloud Solution will

  • Consolidate IT resources, services, and functionality 
  • Automate scale-out and provisioning 
  • Move workloads freely between environments  
  • Orchestrate processes and provide unified management 
  • Automate deployment of applications in both private and public clouds, as well as edge locations  

The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud are:

Flexibility & Scalability

Scale resources up or down on demand allowing you to quickly allocate additional computing power from the public cloud during peak periods and scale back during slower times. This flexibility enables businesses to efficiently handle fluctuating workloads and achieve cost savings.

Value for Money is Optimised

By taking advantage of the scalability and the cost-effectiveness of public cloud services for non-sensitive workloads will enable you to keep mission-critical applications within a more cost-efficient private cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

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Security & Compliance

Using a combination of private and public clouds, businesses can separate sensitive data or critical workloads and keep them within a secure on-premises infrastructure, allowing you to maintain strict control over your data, ensuring compliance and your own specific security requirements.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Hybrid cloud setups offer robust disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. By replicating critical data and applications between private and public clouds, organisations can enhance their resilience to potential outages or data loss. In the event of a failure, workloads can be quickly shifted between environments to ensure continuity of operations.

Innovation & Agility

Innovate faster (or at your own pace) and deploy new services or applications more rapidly; by leveraging the public cloud's extensive resources and advanced capabilities, you can experiment, test, and launch new initiatives without significant upfront investments in infrastructure.

Data Localisation & Latency

Address data localisation requirements or reduce latency issues by keeping sensitive data or latency-sensitive applications in a private cloud or on-premises environment. This will ensure compliance with data sovereignty regulations whilst optimising performance for critical applications.

It’s important to note that implementing a hybrid cloud architecture requires careful planning, integration, and management. The Espria experts will ensure seamless operation and data synchronisation between your private and public cloud components when designing your hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

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