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At Espria, we offer a compelling printer leasing alternative

Owning your own printers and managing the ongoing maintenance and purchasing of supplies is costly and time consuming. Not only that, owning your own printers means that you have depreciating assets affecting your bottom line and for most businesses, this is not a viable option to support your evolving business operations.


Leasing the equipment and having a separate service agreement covering all the maintenance and supplies can be an alternative.


Leasing frees you of the management of the printers and allows your business the access to latest technology without having to outlay significant cost. When you lease your business printers, you pay a monthly fee over a set contracted period meaning your business, regardless of size, is alleviated of the huge cost of purchasing.


What Type of Printer can I Lease?

Printer technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and significantly more so recently in light of the pandemic, where Printer manufacturers have utilised apps to support business operations where teams are working remotely. However, the range of printers you can lease is extensive and potentially a minefield. With Laser technology, and Inkjet as options, understanding the type of printer you need for your business to lease is often confusing. Your managed print services provider should review your current options and support your business for the future of your operations.


Let’s take a look at the types of printers you can lease.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are fast, economic and have great precision. As they can ‘write’ quickly, they are faster than inkjet printers. The unvarying diameter of the laser beam means that they are totally precise in their print and no excess ink is spilt. Running costs for laser printers are also considerably lower than inkjet as the toners last longer so this is a great option for business that print large documents. Also, as they are incredibly efficient, the processing capability of Inkjet means that even small offices benefit from this type of leased printer.

Laser Printers you can lease for smaller businesses

Versalink C400


  • Versatile colour printers
  • Support for A4
  • Best for work teams of 2 to 10 users
  • Excellent mobile print support and native cloud connectivity
  • Outstanding colour print quality
  • Colour: up to 35 ppm
  • Black: up to 35 ppm

Laser Printers that larger businesses can lease


  • Outstanding Colour Printers
  • White toner is used as an underlay to enable printing on coloured media with W-CMY printing technology
  • Create window signage, including window clings and clear labels
  • Make direct mail pieces stand out from the crowd with printed coloured envelopes
  • Small and low-cost entry point to a world of new print applications
  • Colour: up to 45 ppm
  • Black option available: up to 45 ppm
  • Standard paper capacity: 1,140 sheets
  • Maximum paper capacity: 5,140 sheets

Ink Jet leased printers

Many businesses chose Inkjet because they are a great option for businesses that need to heavily focus on cost. Still able to produce good quality images, as the ink cartridges are highly pigmented so can produce high quality images as well as text. Often more compact in size than Laser printers, Inkjet printers are highly portable. However, they are designed for lower volumes of print, so would not be a great option for businesses that need to print higher volumes quickly.


Sometimes the quality of print on Inkjets can be at a disadvantage due to the type of aqueous ink they use. The prints need longer time to dry and if in contact with water, this can cause in to run or smudge,


The durability of the devices can often be hindered because they are prone to damages and as parts are far more expensive than laser, it is often cheaper to replace the whole device! And whilst inkjet printers have automatic maintenance cycles, cartridges have to be replaced frequently and coupled with having to more frequently replace cartridges, this can become costly for businesses leasing this type of printer.

Leasing Printer Costs

Leasing a printer does really depend on the level of volume you are printing.


When you partner with a Managed Print Provider, they should spend the time working with you to ascertain your operational needs and the level of printing your business does to ascertain the right printer for you to lease.


Calculated on a monthly volume, your print partner will then provide a quote based on that volume. Your Print Provider should focus on the functionality your operations needs, some smaller business may only need a mono printer as there is no requirement for colour and your volumes are low. However, for larger businesses such as Architects, Graphic Designers where quality of print and high volumes needed for client presentations and plans, or even large law firms where there is a requirement for high volumes of print, so this will affect the cost of your printer leasing. Particularly if you have requirements for creating booklets or any type of biding. So, cost for leasing really depend on your operational needs.

So how does Espria Printer Leasing work?

At Espria, we have developed a unique way of providing your managed print solutions. 


Our printer leasing services enable you to access a bespoke solution from a single partner providing unparalleled service levels throughout the span of the contract.


At Espria, we do not require large upfront payments and we don’t involve any third-party leasing companies either. Our clients deal directly and exclusively with us for absolutely everything, providing a service that goes beyond leasing.


Espria printer leasing includes: 

  • All Finance
  • All Service and Maintenance
  • One Simple Contract
  • One Number to call


Espria supports businesses all over the UK, covering London, from Surrey to Manchester, and covering Wales and the South-East. Our UK-based service team offer high-level service with just one number to call.


Espria Provides our Clients with many Benefits


• You only sign an agreement with Espria, a single contract with a single point of contact.
• All hardware, software and services are provided by Espria.
• No involvement from third parties.

Managed Print Solution

Case Studies

photo of roofs
Document Solutions

JJ Estates – Solving Document Solutions Issues for a Property Company

JJ Estates, a property management company in Essex were experiencing day-to-day document solutions issues caused by an aging self-managed printer which failed to print to the standards expected.

Businessmen press button on the panel for useing photocopier or scanning.
Document Solutions

Creating efficiencies and cost benefits in our clients Managed Print Services

As fast growing global capital investment manager, our client needed to ensure that operationally they were seamless and that the security of their client data, a number one priority.

Laptop and phone
Document Solutions

Secure Printing for our Accountancy Client

We visited a large City Accountancy firm in London, and they asked us for help with issues they were having in their printing environment. They had concerns regarding security particularly with document and printing.

Man and leaf
Document Solutions

Espria supports charity with their environmental vision

Espria was invited to review the print solutions of a community charitable social enterprise who delivers and helps other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. 

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