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Apple Services

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iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices are now a mainstay of corporate business, as employees expect to use the same technology and services at work as they do at home. Popularity for these devices is on the up, with 72% of people choosing to use Apple devices when given the option. However, this brings challenges for internal IT teams and can lead to complex infrastructure configurations.


We believe, support for Apple and MacOS is often lacking compared with the equivalent service for Windows. Although Apple release regular updates, organisations can find it difficult to keep up as there can be a lack of in-house knowledge about how Macs work, creating inefficiencies.  

Espria can assist with the integration and support for all your organisation’s Apple devices, without compromising day-to-day operations. We focus on integration, network transparency and the management of mixed Windows and MacOS estates.

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to support all your Apple IT requirements, including DEP Registration. DEP supports the integration of all your Apple devices and the deployment of software and services, within your organisation, through your Business Dashboard. We provide Apple Support Services to every type of business from large corporates to design studios and local government to enhance employee productivity.

Apple Managed Services

The following services are provided via our dedicated team of Apple specialists:

Apple Managed Device Support

Remote support for Apple Macs via telephone, email or on-site. As well as spare parts for devices not covered by warranty.

Apple Data Transfer

From one Apple Mac to another – whether it is a new device or not.

Apple Lifecycle Management

Whether part of an expansion or a technical refresh, Espria can supply, configure and deliver a wide range of Apple devices - and manage all of these on an ongoing basis. This includes options for monthly subscriptions (Device-as-a-Service) and ad-hoc repairs on a "pay as you go" basis. At the end of the device lifecycle, Espria can assist with secure disposal, trade-in or recycling.


Bridging the gap between Windows-based and Apple Mac systems by integrating the two platforms to boost collaboration and productivity. Apple devices can be integrated into your existing environment, simplifying services such as authentication, file sharing and printing. We an ensure data from both your Macs and PCs is available across your network, meaning you won't have to move anything manually.

Espria VS AppleCare

Maximum age of equipment
5 years
3 years
Telephone support
Remote access support
Genuine Apple replacement parts
Parts installation
On-site engineer
Next-day response
Support for common 3rd party products
Support for common 3rd party applications
Loan stock during repair
Loan stock delivered to your office
Data recovery services
Data transfer services
Repairs carries out to ISO9001 quality assurance
Ad-hoc support without appointment

Benefits of Apple Systems

Systems People Know

The use of Apple devices for personal use is hugely popular and there is no longer a need to give them up for business use. Particularly in the creative industries, the intuitive usability and user-centric design of Macs, iPhones and iPads can bring many benefits to the workplace. Using the same operating system enables simple syncing and ensures compatibility.

Communicate & Collaborate

Apple provide a powerful tool for employees and teams who either work remotely or travel frequently. Apple place a premium on fast boot times and efficient all day battery use, making these devices ideal for quick bursts of work.

Leverage the Cloud

iPhone, iPad and MacBook make it easier to access the cloud so you can do business from any place, at any time. Data syncs easily across devices, enabling simple collaboration between office-based employees and those working from home.

Powerful Presentations

Apple devices are terrific platforms for creating presentations, sharing demos and displaying information. Macs ship with the robust iWork suite included, incorporating Pages, Keynote and Numbers. MS Office apps are also available for Mac, further empowering collaboration with users on Windows devices.

Case Study

What happens when an executive is the only person in the company to work on an Apple device – and it fails?


One of the UK’s leading financial advisors reached out to us when his Macbook Pro failed just hours away attending a flight to a global conference. Fortunately, his organisation had an executive support agreement in place with Espria. Our role as partners involved supporting Apple hardware in a predominantly Windows environment, ensuring operational smoothness at all levels of the company.


He called the service desk at 1pm and was immediately directed to one of our Apple experts to triage the problem. Once we determined that in-person support was needed, we dispatched a senior technician to Heathrow and he arrived within the hour.


Less than an hour after his arrival – having taken the device apart, rebuilt it, then tested it – the job was done.


With the crisis averted, here is what the executive had to say about the quality of Espria’s service,


“These devices are great when they work – but when they don’t, your whole business world is on hold. I could not afford that to be the case. I was time-pressured and a bit stressed too, but the technician just got on with it… no fuss or histrionics. I now know what I was doing wrong, and I have to say, the hints and tips that I got from Zach were an added benefit. Three weeks in, it is a better device than I had originally.”

Why Espria Apple Services?

Espria has years of experience helping organisations ensure they have secure and scalable deployments that support their business. Our consultants will provide you with the best recommendations and road map to ensure you have the right Apple devices, with the right support to maintain them.


From supply and configuration top maintenance and support, Espria will help you to “plug and play”.

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