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Managed IT Services for Apple

Our Managed IT Services for Apple ensure you gain the right support to undertake secure and scalable deployments that allow your organisation to grow, remain secure and connected and empower your workforce through a range of customised solutions.

Our accreditations

We are proud that the services we deliver have been recognised by a number of accreditations, including Cyber Essentials Plus. For more information, please visit our ESG page. 

Maximum age of equipment
5 years
3 years
Telephone support
Remote access support
Genuine Apple replacement parts
Parts installation
On-site engineer
Next-day response
Support for common 3rd party products
Support for common 3rd party applications
Loan stock during repair
Loan stock delivered to your office
Data recovery services
Data transfer services
Repairs carries out to ISO9001 quality assurance
Ad-hoc support without appointment

Case Studies

IT Services

Woodgreen – Securing critical infrastructure at a leading animal charity

Woodgreen, home of Channel 4’s ‘The Dog House’, turned to Espria to secure its extended operations using a Sophos solution

IT Services

Tendring District Council – Utilising Digital Transformation to provide quantifiable time savings

Tendring District Council has worked with Espria for their IT security since 2014. In 2020, we helped transition to cloud-based Sophos Central.

Case Study

What happens when an executive is the only person in the company to work on an Apple device – and it fails?


One of the UK’s leading financial advisors reached out to us when his Macbook Pro failed just hours away attending a flight to a global conference. Fortunately, his organisation had an executive support agreement in place with Espria. Our role as partners involved supporting Apple hardware in a predominantly Windows environment, ensuring operational smoothness at all levels of the company.


He called the service desk at 1pm and was immediately directed to one of our Apple experts to triage the problem. Once we determined that in-person support was needed, we dispatched a senior technician to Heathrow and he arrived within the hour.


Less than an hour after his arrival – having taken the device apart, rebuilt it, then tested it – the job was done.


With the crisis averted, here is what the executive had to say about the quality of Espria’s service,


“These devices are great when they work – but when they don’t, your whole business world is on hold. I could not afford that to be the case. I was time-pressured and a bit stressed too, but the technician just got on with it… no fuss or histrionics. I now know what I was doing wrong, and I have to say, the hints and tips that I got from Zach were an added benefit. Three weeks in, it is a better device than I had originally.”

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