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A multi-award-winning video game development company reached out to Espria to discuss improving their reporting structure and how to effectively utilise their data. Team17 found that while bursting with creativity and inventive thinking, they were lacking reporting infrastructure and data analytics. The organisation held a large amount of data but did not have the technology, nor the expertise make effective use of it.


Espria offer a full range of Power BI support and data intelligence services to maximise productivity and fully utilise an organisation’s valuable data assets.

The Solution

Following a migration to an AWS MySQL database, Team17 wanted to analyse their data. Lacking a means to analyse this data, they were unable to decide on approach and next steps in order to adapt to changes in the market, so they called upon Espria to develop a new Power BI data reporting infrastructure.


During Phase 1 of the project, a Power BI gateway was created to allow the data from the MySQL database to securely surface in the Power BI Online Service. This would enable managers and employees to view the up-to-date report anywhere, within their O365 environment. The connection to the database was tested and a test plan created, outlining the steps taken to ensure there were no issues with the tables within Power BI. 


Espria then designed and created the new reports and infrastructure which would fulfil the business requirements. Once the final report format was agreed, Espria conducted OAT and UAT with key stakeholders to ensure the reporting worked effectively and provided accurate information to the business.

Business Benefits

From understanding how the effects of lockdown impacted their growth, to viewing game performance over different geographical locations and gaming platforms, Team17 are now able to drill deeper into their data, to spot trends and to understand these trends and plan their budget and forecasting based on facts rather than assumptions.


This new report allowed management to explore their sales performance data, patterns across different sales platforms, periods and more. In addition to the Sales report developed by Espria, they were able to access a clean, easy-to-understand dataset, enabling employees without business analytical skills to build their own reports and further adapt how they view their data.


Courtesy of Espria and the Power BI solution, Team17 now have a 360-degree view of their organisation with a greater understanding of what is happening in every area of the business. Every member of staff can access and create their own reports due to the simple, easy-to-use technology, with ongoing support from Espria.

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