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British Motor Museum

What does your business need as we begin to look ahead to a world without lockdown? On the 21st July at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire, Espria hosted one of the first post lockdown conferences of 2021. In addition to being a physical event with all of the requisite safety precautions in place, we streamed the entire event live, giving delegates the opportunity to join us virtually from the comfort of their home or office.

Over the course of the day, our own experts, together with those from some of our partners, showed you how technology can help you get back on track. You can watch every session of the event on our YouTube channel.

As a result of the challenges everyone faced due to pandemic, Espria invested in taking Optimise virtual and streaming the event live, allowing businesses to get an insight into the latest developments and trends in the IT Market Place. We had brilliant sessions from some of the biggest names in IT such as Microsoft, Citrix, Cymulate and many more.

Watch our video for a review of our Optimise IT 2021 event and click below to watch every session online via our YouTube channel.
Audience listening to the presentation

“Given the circumstances and uncertainty leading up to the event, with ever-changing government Covid guidelines, it is a testament to the team’s professionalism and customer-centric approach that everything went as smoothly as it did….”

Read our Optimise IT 2021 case study to see how the event came together and what preparations were taken to ensure Optimise could go ahead smoothly and safely while meeting constantly changing government guidelines.

OptimiseIT Comments

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Another great day - fabulous interaction with some truly great people. This is the way forward, it’s an amazing experience and I am so glad that I have booked the time to be ‘here’. The thing I really like is that I can briefcase what I want to review later and I know I can then interact with Espria when it’s good for me. Well done Espria, this is definitely the must attend event this year.
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Well done Espria, this is a great vehicle to get me totally up to speed on what I need to know for my company. Fabulous platform and some great presentations so far - this is the way to go.
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Just wanted to say Espria, this is the best event I have attended this year – it’s fantastic. Great to be able to connect with industry leaders on topics that we need to reflect on.
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I think it’s great. Quite like the way it is all set up and very user friendly from my perspective.
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The event has been really good. I have seen some excellent webinars and chatted with some vendors. I even met another delegate that I worked with about 30 years ago.
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It works well as you can view all the presentations at a later date which I'm looking forward to, I’d even say it’s better than a face to face event!
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Platform looks really good, not seen anything this vast for an event so well done for putting it together.