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SymVolli provides an innovative and flexible IT Business Management System, aimed at the SMB market which integrates all key functionality into a single system.


As part of its growing capability, SymVolli had asked an external development organisation to create an Events Management solution for one of their customers. It quickly became apparent that due to poor structure and missing capabilities, the application did not meet SymVolli’s expectations.


From the ground up, the app lacked functionality, with a database which was neither fit for purpose nor following best practices. Additionally, certain elements of the application were unavailable to users and counterintuitive, limiting their ability to carry out tasks and making the solution inefficient.


With involvement from multiple parties, it was vital that a clear scope was defined, and communication was consistent throughout the project.


The original requirement was to fix broken functionality and make cosmetic adjustments to the application, however, on investigation, Espria peeled back the layers of the app to uncover issues which ran much deeper than just the functionality, right down to the database.


The requirements included:

  • Troubleshooting the existing application to identify areas of improvement
  • Creating a new relational database with correct levels of access granted throughout the app
  • General improvements to the app’s functionality, such as the ability to delete records
  • Implementing built-in error handling to ensure data formatted correctly before adding it to the database
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Our solution

A new SQL database was created to build the much-needed relationships between the data tables. The key data was extracted from CSV files and business keys were created for the individual tables before surfacing the cleansed data in the Power Apps front end. Stored procedures were created to handle the read/write operations to the database, giving end user’s the functionality that had been lacking.


Espria recreated the connections to the new database from the Power Apps front-end and fixed issues with navigation and button functionality to start rebuilding the structure of the app. Vigorous testing was carried out for the implementation of built-in error handling, and to confirm all elements of the app worked together smoothly.


Espria went above and beyond to overcome hurdles throughout the project and transformed the existing database and application in a pressurised time frame. Through teamwork and collaboration, all the requirements were effectively captured and implemented, resulting in satisfaction for all parties involved.


Espria is now looking ahead to working on Phase 2 of this project and continuing the Power Apps journey with SymVolli as new features and ideas are introduced.

Our clients

Case Studies

IT Services

Emperor – Enriching business with advanced remote production

Emperor is one of the UK’s leading employee-owned creative agencies, and they asked Espria for a solution to help staff to collaborate remotely.

IT Services

Woodgreen – Securing critical infrastructure at a leading animal charity

Woodgreen, home of Channel 4’s ‘The Dog House’, turned to Espria to secure its extended operations using a Sophos solution

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Allvotec – Solving High Priority Issues in Minutes

Allvotec have over 30 years’ of experience in delivering value through technology, but faced an issue surrounding an SQL admin skills gap. Allvotec drafted in Espria to fill in the role of answering their highest priority issues.

IT Services

Tendring District Council – Utilising Digital Transformation to provide quantifiable time savings

Tendring District Council has worked with Espria for their IT security since 2014. In 2020, we helped transition to cloud-based Sophos Central.

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