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Allvotec has over 30 years of experience in delivering value through technology; helping run IT for customers of major services businesses in a range of industries. Allvotec faced an issue surrounding an SQL admin skills gap, caused by their database administrator leaving and a lack of documentation.


Due to the nature of Allvotec’s work and service to their customers, a solution was needed quickly and so they drafted in Espria to fill in the role of answering their highest priority issues.

Proposed Solution

Following Espria’s initial investigation using data from multiple sources, both on-premise and in the cloud, it was found that several business-critical SSRS reports created by Allvotec were either failing to run or running much slower than expected, with a number of these reports taking over 30 minutes to run to completion.


The failure of these reports was causing unhappy users and poor business decisions to be made due to a lack of up-to-date data – Allvotec, therefore, decided to act and find a solution.

After discussions between Allvotec and Espria, it was agreed that the revenue report and the contractors’ report needed to run faster. However, Espria went further and set their target for these reports to run in a maximum of two minutes.


Following an investigation, a solution was found, and the reports were soon taking just seconds to be created, a huge time saving which allowed for time-critical decisions to be made while utilising the latest data.


A partnership was soon established between Espria and Allvotec, with Espria providing several recommendations for further enhancements and solutions to issues that may arise in the future. Espria were called upon to handle several priority calls and was also able to reduce the size of their backup files from over 40 GB to around 3.8 MB.

“You do not know how happy I am. Instead of waiting for up to 3 hours, the new report runs in 1 second. The work done has been brilliant and will save me a lot of time.”
Allvotec User


As a result of the successful partnership, Allvotec now enjoys the following additional benefits:


  • Friendly reliable support by phone and email
  • A quick resolution
  • Documented fixes and recommendations
  • Increased business continuity
  • Happier end users

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