Business Mobiles & Data SIMs

Business Mobiles & Data Sims


The Business-Only Mobile Network

Espria have partnered with Gamma Mobile, to deliver a service built exclusively for the UK business market.


Espria have two Simple offers:

  1. Unlimited data, calls and texts with no European roaming charges.
  2. Espria’s Tariff Optimiser will ensure each month you are on our best data tariff.


Our Tariff Optimiser means you will always benefit from the best tariff for your usage. No more bill shock from excessive data usage and no need to cap usage restricting access to your teams. 


With over twenty-five years of experience in B2B communications, we understand what our customers need in terms of a flexible mobile product with robust support from our UK Service Desk.

What makes our Business Mobiles different?

Access the Best Tariffs

Tariff Optimiser ensures you are always on our best Tariff or you can choose our fixed, unlimited data package.

5G Speeds

The latest Ookla Report has identified our Mobile Network Operator as providing the fastest 5G speeds across the whole of the UK.

No EU Roaming Charges

Guaranteed until the end of 2022, we will not be reintroducing charging whilst roaming in the EU.

Enhanced Features

Enriched Voice

Using 4G, 5G and WiFi, enjoy the benefits of enhanced, clear voice communication.

Widespread Coverage

Gain coverage to the network, regardless of your location with 99% coverage outdoors and indoors.

Access to 5G

5G access for faster data, lower latency, and greater device density

Flexibility & Freedom

Gamma Mobile lets you access everything you need to keep working no matter where you are.

Keep Secure

Implement a private APN to control and manage your mobile data. This results in a more secure infrastructure and improved productivity.

Benefits of our Service

Tariff Optimiser

Simple Value-Added Service

Tariffs that Flex

Select the tariff that meets your needs today.

Value every Month

We’ll calculate your bill at our best rate, dependent on usage

Savings for you

As a result of optimising the tariff, any savings are passed back to you.

Managed for you

Concentrate on what you do best and leave managing mobile tariffs to us.

The Tariffs that are Optimised

  • Tariffs flex with usage ensuring customers are always on the best tariff 
  • Value delivered every month for the entire contract
  • Future-proof telecom spend and adapt to changing working patterns
  • Concentrate on what you do best and leave managing mobile tariffs for your business fleet to us
  • Service available to all estates regardless of size – with no minimum connection requirements
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Simon is our Mobile Phone Specialist with over 15 years experience providing Business Mobiles to UK SME's.

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Case Studies

Four fists clenched together over the desk

Declining ISDN service accelerates our insurance clients’ desire to transform their Communications

A leading supplier providing insurance to Motor Trade and Commercial Insurance for over 30 years, our client was concerned with their declining ISDN telecommunications.

The man with the telephone

Operational success for our hotelier clients with VoIP and Unified Communications

Lost calls, lack of internal communications, were hindering the operations of our multi-site hoteliers. VoIP and Unified Communications support the acceleration of performance and customer service.

Customer support

VoIP Implementation for our Law Practise Customer

Our Customer - a legal firm which is becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing legal practices, have built an innovative business model that has disrupted the staid and steady world of solicitors. However, with that, the desire to remain forward thinking and progressive in their practise, has meant that they needed to address the fundamental issues affecting their telecommunications.


Accelerating our Finance Asset clients growth with VoIP & Unified Communications

Our clients are asset finance experts, making vehicle and asset finance personal. With accelerated growth, the business continues to grow across multiple locations. However, until we worked with them, they were struggling to offer the customer service desired and work productively in line with their growth.

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We create simple, cohesive solutions that transform our clients’ business operations. Whatever your goals, we are here to help you achieve them. So get in touch and start your IT digital transformation today.

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