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Expanding your business can cause many operational issues. It causes a particular challenge to your IT landscape. If not handled correctly, this can have serious implications.

One of our manufacturing clients recently acquired another company to expand their offer to their customers’. However, this created several IT challenges.


Espria was asked to review the company’s IT landscape to ensure total protection for the business.

Our client’s issues : no IT plan and out of date software

Our client acquired another company and this created IT operational issues immediately.


There were no physical links between sites and no IT plan had been devised to  create a smooth cooperation between teams.


Although data needed to be shared and accessible to all from any location, there was no process in place to do so. They had no way either of centralising their on-premise email systems.


Also, the company acquired was running out of software support as they were using Windows 7 desktops and laptops – a computer operating system that has ceased to be supported by Microsoft.

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Our solutions : an update, extra security and efficient hybrid working

Initially, we were asked to assess how we combine both businesses quickly, securely and effectively, and, as a matter of priority, how we could make sure both businesses used a secure IT network.


Firstly, the acquired company had an update of all their devices to the latest Windows 10 release. We then created a new centralised Azure Windows Domain with multi-factor authentication for added security and migrated all the company’s combined data to Azure Servers.


Then, we ensured all of our client’s email systems were migrated to a single Office 365 tenant. This has ensured that email and data are now accessible from anywhere for the teams at both companies. They all use Microsoft Cloud Services. This supports their teams working remotely and in the company offices.

Our client recognised quickly that the business needed in-depth support following the acquisition of another company and we were able to make the IT migration process a success.


The result

We have supported the IT migration of both businesses. We also updated, consolidated and protected all company data.  Now, the merged companies can focus on their core operations and their growth strategy.

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