Notification of Price Increase from NIX Communications Group Ltd & NIX Networks Ltd

At NIX we recognise the cost of running a business has risen over the last few years and we have been faced with the same challenges mainly due to the ongoing Brexit & Covid impact.


As a company, we have maintained our prices since February 2018 despite these increasing pressures. It has therefore been a difficult decision to announce that we will be increasing our prices across the range of services we provide.


As per our terms and conditions, we hereby give 2 weeks’ notice to that as of the 1st October 2020 our service charges prices will be increasing and 3 months’ notice that as of the 1st December 2020 our call tariffs will increase. Please see details of the increases below.

Call Charge Rates will increase as follows;


  • UK Local & National Rate will increase by 0.2p per minute
  • UK Mobile Rate will increase by 0.8p per minute
  • International Rate will increase by 0.2p per minute

Service Charge Rates will increase as follows;


  • PSTN Analogue, ISDN2 & ISDN30 Line Rental will increase by £1.39 per month respectively
  • Caller Line Identity & Call Divert Facilities will increase by 10p per month and DDI rental by 3p per month
  • Anti-Fraud Protection will increase by 25p per month


Broadband Service Charges will increase as follows;


  • ADSL Broadband will increase by 0.99p per month
  • Fibre Broadband will increase by £1.99 per month

Should you have any queries regarding the price changes please contact us by either calling us on 0844318500 or by email at [email protected]


*Increase in call and rental charges will vary from client to client based on call volume, call tariff and line rental agreements


**Increase in International call charges will vary dependant on the country dialled depending on the relevant call tariff agreement