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Anwen Haynes

Can you create an ideal Hybrid Working Environment?

Can you create an ideal Hybrid Working Environment?

In Short

Remote and hybrid working has presented new challenges for business leaders. But there is a way forward that will satisfy both leadership teams and their employees.

The Hybrid Working trend has highlighted many new leadership challenges. Mutual trust now, more than ever, is key to employer and employee relationships.

Never before has there been such a shift in the way businesses operate. From office based to fully remote, people adapted their routines and working pattern and realised what could be achieved from working at home. Rediscovered time with family and friends as a result of non-existing commuting as well as the obvious economic advantages, has meant that whilst the rules have relaxed, many are preferring to work from home or at least have the opportunity to do both! 


In some respects, it’s created a minefield for business leaders and the key is for employers and their teams to have an open dialogue to how their business can operate in a hybrid environment, supporting their teams whilst ensuring that their businesses can grow successfully. 

How can business leaders create the perfect hybrid environment?

  1. Trust and Autonomy

Focusing the shift from numbers of hours in the office, to results based, by providing them with the trust and autonomy they need to complete work.  You are then providing your teams the space to work at an individual’s peak performance/optimum times. This will actually provide you with more loyalty, and the reality is they will probably work harder and after hours, because they have the freedom to work when they want, nor feel guilty if they go for a walk to get away from their computer. 


2. Offer Flexibility

Whilst its important to have core hours where your team are available for collaboration, by offering working flexibility means you are open to a wealth of talent that isn’t restricted by geographical location and that your teams are able to pick the kids up from school and deal with personal things.


3.Improve your employees working environment

Technology is key in order for this to work successfully for your business. If you have outdated systems, you are only hindering the performance of your hybrid teams. So make sure that you invest in the right tech for collaboration. Solutions such as Unified Communications and a Document Managements systems, allows you employees to work anywhere, but your workflows are seamless and secure.


4. Find different ways to meet up

So obviously we are now used to virtual meetings, however, rather than meeting in the office, you could actually organise team  building events. Some fun things to do together to build the closeness in a team. This is key to ensure that you build a close team that can rely and trust one another. This really will increase your productivity rates considerably.


 Create a new hybrid organisational culture that supports your people wherever they are. Hybrid can mean different things for every organisation and it’s up to you to determine how Hybrid Working will look like in your organisation. We would love to share our experience with you and help you take the first steps towards Hybrid Working in a secure manner. We always keep in mind that people are the central piece to every digital transformation journey. We can help you ensure everyone feels connected and informed while digitising and automating your processes.


A successful Hybrid Working environment needs a culture of flexibility and trust, backed by an enhanced employee experience.

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