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| By Anwen Haynes

5 ways to protect your Cloud Solutions from Cyber Attacks

In Short

We take a look at the 5 keyways you can protect your cloud solutions from any Cyber attacks

Remote and hybrid working has given rise to the need to implement business operational solutions that support that way of working.

The scalability and flexibility of Cloud Solutions has meant it is far easier to manage your operations wherever your teams are.


However, with that has come an increased concern of the rise of cyber attacks and many businesses are increasing their attention toward obtaining the cyber security they need and seeking advice from experts.


Business savvy leaders are safeguarding their operations with end-to-end secure platforms that are able to identify, address, detect respond and recover against cyber-attacks including phishing, ransomware and DDoS (Denial of Service attacks). This begins by integrating security and risk governance into all of your core business functions which are the foundations of your digital transformation.

We take a look at the 5 keyways you can protect your cloud solutions from any Cyber attacks

  1. Look at your Cloud Security End-to-End.


Just having security processes are no longer sufficient. Without skilled cyber experts you will not achieve the visibility you need so by creating end-to-end cyber security you will be able to implement:

  • Good cyber threat intelligence
  • Efficient security monitoring
  • Detection and containment


This will also include intelligence based on modelling real life activity for you to be able to identify suspicious activity.


  1. Implement privileged identity and access management


Managing who has access to data that is sensitive is imperative to the protection of your cloud based solutions. So, creating privileged identity and access will support the protection of your solutions by:

  • Dedicated monitoring for privileged access particularly for customer information
  • Direct integrations to your security monitoring platform
  • Separation of duties, tools and authorisations identified


  1. Vulnerability Management should be approached by risk-based rules


By viewing your vulnerabilities through risk-based procedures, your business will identify real threats to your business and with that approach, you will be able to evaluate and prioritise how you can be exploited. A basic good practise is to visualise real threats and you can score the impact and this will help your business prepare for where your vulnerabilities are.


  1. Implement automated incident responses


Security threats need to be identified quickly and solved. You also need to integrate any root-cause analysis into your security monitoring architecture. Automation will increase the speed that your business will resolve and respond to incidents.

If you do not have the visibility that your business needs, then there will be no efficiency in your cyber security protection.


  1. Cloud Security management


One of the most important security requirements for the cloud is to avoid any misconfiguration. If this is identified, then it needs to be remedied quickly.

If your business’ security has been incorrectly configured, then you are exposed and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, your teams are instrumental in this process.

By training your teams on cloud security, your business can catch misconfigurations quickly and early so that before your security is deployed, the issues and concerns can be raised. This will allow your business to realise the scope of the security needed particularly for your cloud solutions.


By considering these 5 tips and how your business can implement them, means that your business can be assured of the cyber security that you need for all your cloud solutions. 

However, should you need more support, then reach out to Mode and we will review your cyber security landscape and partner with you to ascertain the protection you need.

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