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Anwen Haynes

5 Things you probably don’t know about the ISDN Switch Off

5 Things you probably don’t know about the ISDN Switch Off

In Short

5 things you will want to know about the ISDN Switch Off

In 2015 BT announced that all ISDN and PTSN lines would be switched off by 2025, meaning we will all need to address how our telecommunications would be functioning in the future.

2025 seems like an age away particularly as we have dealt with a world pandemic, dealing with how we can function working remotely and now how we operate with teams teams working in the office and remotely.  Many businesses cannot even add in the issue of the ISDN Switch Off because there are so many other operational concerns that need to be addressed.


However, here’s the thing; the ISDN Switch off needs to be factored into your operational planning, sooner rather than later.


Here are 5 things you may not have known about that will impact your business:

  1. There are a considerable number of areas that can no longer receive ISDN. So if you are in that area that has already been placed on stop by BT, you can forget about being able to get any further ISDN.  Several Openreach Exchanges have been impacted on the dates below already. So, you need to check whether your area has already been affected. Two of these dates have already happened.

     June 2021

     October 2021

    January 2022


2. Broadband Connections such as ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) will be affected by the switch off, so your business needs to start operational planning to ensure no connection is lost.


3. Many alarms and emergency phones are run from ISDN-an implication often not considered which means even your operations in your business premises will be impacted.


4. As time moves on towards the completion date of 2025, support for ISDN will dwindle as time progresses so your business will struggle to get engineers and availability of parts will lessen increasingly as more areas are unable to obtain ISDN.


5. The options of what you do are plentiful! Upgrading to a VoIP or internet-based telecommunications system is the future answer. However, you can prepare for this by using SIP (tech that allows you to make calls using a data connection) connected to an IP compatible phone system could be the initial answer. This is a halfway house before moving fully to a hosted cloud solution. Or you can move straight away-there are plenty of options for your business.


Thinking now and preparing operationally for the future is key so you are not left without functioning communications – far more damaging for your business.

Should you need assistance or advice about the steps you need to take to prevent the ISDN switch off from becoming an issue for your business, then do contact Mode to assist y0ou further

Whilst businesses have been concerned with surviving the pandemic, as part of an on-going strategy, they should be considering the ISDN Switch-Off as part of that forward thinking plan.


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