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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this happening on prints, copies and scans? If so, then please place a service call either through our website www.espria.com/support or call  0330 175 5588,  Selecting option 2. However, if it is only happening on copies and scans, please clean the thin strip of glass to the left of the main platen glass with a soft cloth and glass cleaner (the platen glass is the main sheet of glass across the machine). If you have neither of these, then damp (not wet) kitchen towel will be fine.

If the marks are in the same place every time, please clean the Platen glass (the main sheet of glass across the machine).

Remove all the paper from the trays, reload the paper and set the side guides so they are touching the paper, without pinching it.

Check that the machine is set up correctly for the type, weight and quality of the paper you are using. Make sure that you have set the machine via User tools. Please call our service team for assistance if required on 0330 175 5588, selecting option 2.
Carry out a calibration as per User Tools. Please call our service team should you need any further assistance with this on 0330 175 5588, selecting option 2.

Are your originals of good quality and not above the maximum height guide? Please make sure all paper clips and staples have been removed and try to print again.

Please remove all the paper from the trays, turn the paper over and fan the paper by holding it in one corner and flicking through. If the machine continues to jam then please arrange a service call either via our website or place a service call 0330 175 5588, selecting option 2 and speak to our Client Support team.

Make sure there are no objects under the exit trays (for example bins or boxes of paper). Make sure the main tray does not meet the wall.

  • Always check the print queue, and the job list of the control panel on the machine.

Follow the instructions as requested

  • Check the network cable is connected
  • Try rebooting your machine. Firstly, power down the machine by the soft key/energy save key panel. Once the screen has shut down, it is then safe to switch off the hard switch on the machine. Failing to do that can damage your Hard drive.

Whenever you need to order supplies or need help recycling you can either email us on service@espria.com or call us on 0330 175 5588, option 2.

If you feel you would like one of our engineers to visit you then you can either email your request to clientsupport@espria.com or call us on 0330 175 5588, option 3.

We always train you and your team on the equipment we’ve installed, however, sometimes you may need a little extra help with a few things. If this is the case, then do either email us on installations@espria.com or call us on 0330 175 5588, option 3 to request another visit from one of our engineers