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Founded in 2010, our clients are asset finance experts, making vehicle and asset finance personal. With accelerated growth, the business continues to grow across multiple locations.

The company’s Issues : no communications solutions to support their accelerated growth


Our client needed a solution that provided flexibility, enabled the team to communicate across multiple locations and was future proof to meet the needs of a growing business.


As their growth had accelerated considerably over recent years, they had been able to implement the operational solutions needed to support that growth.


As a consequence, their on-premises solutions were not able to support the telecommunications needs of their multiple locations. Handsets were outdated and transferring calls impossible, making it impossible for the business to offer the high level of service they desired.


Our challenge was to provide:


  • A competitive cloud package to replace existing hosted solution from a cost effective and feature rich perspective
  • Scalability for ongoing business expansion
  • Easy to use handsets with directory to quickly identify incoming and outgoing contacts
  • Effective solution for a high call environment
  • Simple to use customer and IT manager online portal
  • Reliable and resilient communication
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Our solutions : Cloud-based VoIP with Unified Communications

After considering the accelerated growth of the business as well as the desire to be scalable, flexible and offer the superior service to their clients that was so desired, iPECS Cloud was really the only answer, combing that with unified communications and configuring their telecommunications so that they could work in call and hunt groups across the multiple sites.


iPECS cloud provides the flexibility to add new users simply and easily as required to reflect the ambitious growth plans of the finance asset business. Adding Unified Communications to their solutions has been invaluable to their customer service enabling staff to make calls that appear from the office from any location. Field staff can easily collaborate through the apps file sharing, conference voice or video call option and instant messaging features


There was still a desire for traditional handsets, so we recommended the LIP – 9030 with a flexible directory to handle high volume and by distributing phone calls from a single number to all staff using a hunt group has driven business efficiency.


Voicemail to Email enables staff to quickly return missed calls to ensure high standards of customer service and the ability to save correspondences which can easily be shared amongst the team

As a young, progressive and ambitious growing company, we needed to ensure we aligned ourselves with a communication system that not only supported our current growth but also supported us in the future and we feel the iPECS system does that.” Tom Co-Owner

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