Hybrid working

The Digital Evolution of Business

As we emerge from the pandemic, we have all had to address how we can work safely whilst in the office and when at home, how we can collaborate effectively and securely. Providing your teams with the right tools ultimately benefits your business so you can remain efficient and provide the best service to your clients.

Espria supports many businesses with IT, Telecommunications, Print and document management services for seamless, integrated solutions that are secure and give their teams all the support they need to collaborate fully.

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IT Solutions

Managed IT solutions

  • Laptop with anti-virus security
  • Remote IT support
  • Microsoft office 365 licence
  • Microsoft Teams SIP Trunk

Telecoms Solutions

Unified communications systems

  • One phone number across multiple devices
  • Voice, email, video and instant messaging
  • Seamless call performance
  • Call monitoring for incoming/outgoing calls
  • Microsoft Teams SIP Trunk

Print Solutions

Integrated print solutions

  • One platform for todays evolving workforce
  • Apps that support your teams with workflow management integrating mobile and print devices
  • Redact, translate documents, convert handwritten notes, flow your documents

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Our White Paper on the Evolving Landscape of Hybrid & Remote Working

Our white paper on hybrid and remote working explores the acceleration of digital transformation that has happened and how this has resulted in acceleration of IT managed services.

The Benefits of our Hybrid & Remote Working Solutions

Ensure smart digital workflow and document control to your business.

Remote working / hybrid

Case Studies

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Cloud Services

How the Cloud Supports our Clients Retail Operations

Multisite retailers can be operational challenged when the right communications are not implemented, resulting in a negative impact for client experience

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Supporting the Construction Industry to manage their Communications

The construction industry is often challenged by outdated operations that can often impact on the delivery of their services

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IT Solutions

IT Support to protect our Accountancy Client’s data

Clients of any industry deserve the IT Support they deserve. With all of us working remotely and now potentially in a hybrid environment, IT support is crucial in ensuring operational success

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Our Other Services

IT Services

IT performance that creates seamless and secure solutions, providing the business continuity you need.

Cloud Services

Accelerate your performance and agility with cloud services that enable your business to benefit from maximum uptime and no disruption.


Cloud-based communications, keeping your teams collaborating seamlessly and securely.

Managed Print Solutions

Wherever they work, your teams are supported with seamless IT solutions.

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