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Our client’s issues : too many manual tasks leading to mistakes

Espria has the privilege of partnering with one of London’s most prestigious and renowned restaurants with a 200 year long history.


When the high-end hospitality venue approached us to review their operational processes, it was driven by the desire to simplify and create efficiencies in their workflows.


Over time, many of the tasks performed by staff had become very laborious.


Archiving invoices that needed to be stored for auditing purposes was done manually by the manager. Then, at the time of auditing, the requested invoices were searched for in storage to be cross referenced – creating another time-consuming process. 


Processing invoices was another lengthy manual function. Each one had to be scanned and information entered onto computers.


All accounting processes were also done manually.  Managers had to send paper versions of accounts weekly via a courier. Errors often occurred due to the high number of operations carried out every week.


This culminated in a significant impact on operational time for both managers and staff at the central accounting office who had to collate vast quantities of paper. 


Operational processes were neither quick nor accurate.

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Our Solutions


We reviewed all operational processes and suggested the implementation of a Document Management System (DMS). A DMS  can drastically improve the efficiency within a business by automating tasks. The system we proposed for this client is DocuWare.

This supported our client with the ability to scan and authorise invoices automatically, thus reducing the time they spent on manually scanning invoices.


Storage needs have been cut drastically, hence eliminating associated costs and also cutting the carbon footprint of the company.


At present, managers log onto the accounting portal daily and input their sales revenue.


All backed up documentation is scanned automatically. Thanks to the DocuWare desktop app running in the background, the documents are imported pre-indexed into the system. This allows in turn the central office to examine and retain the information and share the data with the accounting system.

Espria’s Document Management System has alleviated the burden placed on our managers. We’re now more efficient and streamlined in our operations, which means we can focus on serving culinary delights to our clients!

The Results

The implementation of the Document Management System has led to high levels of satisfaction across our client’s hospitality business. Processes are much quicker so the focus can remain on the most important part of the business – preparing and serving excellent food to customers.


Our Account Manager, Mitchell, regularly touches base with our client. He ensures that the document management processes are functioning as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

Our clients

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