Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Scalable, Flexible and Agile.

Our Cloud Services combine all the solutions you need to make your business more efficient.


We make things Simple & Efficient

Inject innovation into your business and create seamless workflows that maximise your productivity. Our cloud services integrate Unified Communications, Document Management and IT Security to offer our clients solid, comprehensive solutions for all your business operations.


We understand that you need things to be simple – simple to understand, manage and maintain. We will be with you every step of your journey.

Journey to the Cloud

Our Cloud Planning and Readiness Assessment services analyse your organisation’s IT usage and the suitability of different cloud options. We work with you to understand your business strategy and review your underlying architecture and applications assessing the suitability of a move to the cloud.


You receive a report and our professional recommendation of a migration path that matches your business strategy and ensures cost savings and competitive advantage are maintained. We will state the costs of running the existing environment and compare this with a cloud-based service, including implementation and support costs.

Cloud Migration

Once you have chosen your cloud solution, the next step is the transition. Espria has considerable experience in assisting organisations with the migration of their applications, data and services into the cloud. Our skilled consultants and project managers will ensure that any migration minimises the impact to the business, all risks are clearly reviewed and identified, and that cost efficiencies are realised.


An Espria Azure Readiness Assessment can give you the jumpstart you need to redefine your business as an agile, cloud-first organisation. Espria has considerable experience in assisting organisations with the migration of their applications, data and services into the cloud. Migration to the cloud can be challenging, whether it’s understanding terminology, accurately forecasting costs or working out how to up-skill your team.


To see how Espria can help, get in touch with our team to arrange the beginning of your cloud journey.

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Cloud Security Services:

As innovation in technology has developed rapidly, businesses have implemented cloud services in place of on-premise solutions to support their operations. High availability, flexibility, security, compliance and 24/7 support: our cloud security services encompass all the protection you need for your business.

Unified Communications

Being agile and responsive gives you the fluidity you need to support your clients in a fast, efficient way. It is also vital that you can communicate and collaborate as a business, wherever you are.

Espria’s Unified Communications combines multiple business communication tools: desktop phone, smartphone, computer and/or tablet, utilising the power of the cloud.
It simplifies the way your teams function, supports collaborative working and, ultimately, improves your business flexibility and efficiency.

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Document Management

Our Document Management solutions create smart digital workflow and provide document control to your business. It is a secure software that allows your teams to be highly productive regardless of their location and improves your business performance.

Cloud Printing

Our Cloud Printing Services, ensures your business is GDPR compliant and your confidential information is secure.

Ultimately, your business is accountable and responsible for data use. Printers and photocopiers are a potential threat to your business security. The devices themselves provide hackers easy access to embedded system data and networks which can threaten the security of your business operations.

We are here to prevent that.


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