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Frequently Asked Questions

SIP is where instead of using copper phone lines for your calls instead your calls run over a SIP trunk which is a phone line that runs over your internet connection.

ISDN is your more traditional phone line that runs over a copper cable to your local telephone exchange.

The ISDN switch-off is Openreach’s plan to stop installing ISDN lines by 2023 and then completely turn off the ISDN lines in 2025. Therefore, it is important to ensure your system is compatible with SIP.

A PBX is the more traditional way of running a company’s phone system and is a great way to add additional features to your phone lines. Most PBX’s can support both ISDN and SIP.

A Hosted solution is where we effectively move the PBX in your office out of your office and into the cloud. You will still have most of the features of a PBX without the need for a large box on your wall. However, you will need a reasonable broadband connection.