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Cloud Security Services

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Protect your Cloud-based assets

As innovation in technology has developed rapidly, businesses have used more and more cloud-based services instead of on-premise solutions to support their operations. Those services are essential, but they do add further complications to your security.


It’s imperative that your company uses cloud security services to prevent unauthorised access to your business systems.


In essence, cloud security is a comprehensive term for multilevel technologies and policies that ensure your business adheres to security standards compliance. The sanctity of your business operations, applications and infrastructure are safeguarded, ensuring total protection against data theft and your business continuity is protected.

The Benefits of our Cloud Security Services

Cloud DDoS Protection

DDos attacks occur in transitional network infrastructure because they function on the basis of back-up servers. Businesses sustain severe and reputational loss because these attacks can take anything from several hours to several days to mitigate.

By implementing cloud security services, your core business assets – your website and applications – will always remain functional.

Managed IT Services ensure the continuity of your operations as they deliver real-time scanning to detect any threats and mitigate any DDoS attacks.


SD-WAN Security

As more and more applications move into the cloud, system security needs to include Internet-based services.

SD-WAN security is based largely on the use of IP security (IPsec), VPN tunnels, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), and the segmentation of application data traffic. Network administrators develop security processes through software that provides a granular visibility over the network.

SD-WAN security virtual machines mean software updates can be deployed on your current infrastructure without the need to update hardware, saving time and money.


Harness the Power of the Cloud with our Security Services

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High Availability

Ensuring continuity is of paramount importance to any business and is a primary reason why reliable cloud security solutions should be implemented to support your operations. Espria supports you with real-time support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Even in the event of a cyber-attack, our cloud security services monitor your IT assets and ensure your business remains connected to the web.

Case Studies

IT Services

Emperor – Enriching business with advanced remote production

Emperor is one of the UK’s leading employee-owned creative agencies, and they asked Espria for a solution to help staff to collaborate remotely.

IT Services

Woodgreen – Securing critical infrastructure at a leading animal charity

Woodgreen, home of Channel 4’s ‘The Dog House’, turned to Espria to secure its extended operations using a Sophos solution

IT Services

Allvotec – Solving High Priority Issues in Minutes

Allvotec have over 30 years’ of experience in delivering value through technology, but faced an issue surrounding an SQL admin skills gap. Allvotec drafted in Espria to fill in the role of answering their highest priority issues.

IT Services

Tendring District Council – Utilising Digital Transformation to provide quantifiable time savings

Tendring District Council has worked with Espria for their IT security since 2014. In 2020, we helped transition to cloud-based Sophos Central.

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